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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I’m... whelmed.

    It’s a bit of a wasted opportunity with getting these two together. It’s as if they could only manage to get Dua to record the chorus and the odd ad lib and that’s it.

    There doesn’t feel like there’s any structure, it’s just hastily cobbled together. I appreciate the new instrumental but there doesn’t seem to be any proper mastering between the instrumental and Kylie and Dua’s vocals? It’s just a wall of noise at points.

    This really should’ve been the easiest serve ever by having dua on the second verse and having her vocals in the chorus weaved in a bit more intelligently. But alas, I’ll be sticking to the original. Shame.
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  2. It's. The. Same. Pitch. As. The. Original.

    I'm all for critiques. I'm all for constructive opinions. Music is my profession - I just don't know why anyone would waste their time putting nonsense into the world that is factually incorrect.
  3. The remix is great. I'm always here for a string flourish.

    I wish Dua was doing the second verse.
  4. I don't think it's terrible but seems pointless. I mean sure it will probably get the song more attention with the general public having Dua on there but I don't see myself going back to it.
  5. I do not like it and I quickly forgot about the whole Disco.
  6. This should have been a lot better.
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  7. While I enjoy the remix, I'm also whelmed by it. Unfortunately, this doesn't sound like the massive hit that we were expecting, which annoyingly means that the naysayers will feel vindicated about their disapproval of Kylie collaborating with current popstars.
  8. Haven't listened to this yet, but did they conveniently forget how brill she and Tove Lo were together?
  9. I really like the remix. The absence of a solo Dua verse is my only complaning.
  10. That's my main gripe as well, Dua definitely should have had a solo verse but I'm bopping regardless. I love the new production flourishes though, this is a nice treat.
  11. After hearing it a few times, I definitely think the latter half of the song is a lot more successful than the first. The first half feels a bit Frankensteined, but with the long instrumental breakdown through to the end, it feels like the remix finds its... well.. groove. I remain puzzled about the vocal mix, though. You'd think they'd at least try to make Dua's vocals more present even if they are just 2054 rehearsal vocals.
  12. This remix is really bad other than the added instrumental breakdown. Disappointed!
  13. With all the negativity on here I expected the remix to be ghastly but its not. I like it. The added breakdown and intro are cute.
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  14. I adore this. It definitely could have used some solo Dua, but it’s a minor complaint for me. The way it gets truly future nostalgic in the second half...I levitated.
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  15. This. Would’ve ticked every box otherwise.
  16. This remix already doing it's job.
  17. I much prefer the album version, but I don't hate this remix. It's cute enough.

    They've made the song way more disco-y with the strings but that's also why I like the album version, it's less disco-y than many of the other songs.
  18. Out everywhere. C'mon green 7"!

  19. The remix sounds great to me. The production is slick as hell, it's got strings for DAYS, and it really beefs up the original which I always found to be a tad too mellow. Their voices sounds incredible together too. I'll use this more than the original probably.

    I also love the vast difference between their energy levels at the end of the breakdown:
    "Dua's got that real groove!!!"

    "...kai lee"
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