Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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Enjoyable mix, not lost the charm of the original but adds something extra too it. Their voices work really well together as well. Great last bit of music from Kylie 2020 going into 2021 as well-hope the Disco era carries on a while yet.
Chloe x Halle and Jessie Ware are far too low and there are some choice inclusions to say the least.
Has Peter fallen out with Kylie? He’s not been supportive since Golden.

I thought he would be fully back on board with Say Something, as I imagined it would be right up his street.
Popjustice aside, it’s nice to see Disco on so many people’s end of year list. I mean it’s probably more a testament to the people I follow on Twitter (gays), but I don’t remember Golden having such genuine goodwill directed towards it.
I would have loved more Dua on the remix - aside from that, this is awesome. I love how it feels like it goes full throttle after the dance break (or maybe just to my ears). I’m just imagining what the team behind the mix could do with Miss a thing and Dancefloor Darling. Say Something doesn’t seem to lend itself as well to remix potential, however, I would settle for an electro-orchestro-gospel choir and kitchen sink-kinda revamp. Like Infinite Disco but ramped up to the max.
It grows on you, Dua really fits in with the vibe and I love the oomph she adds to the chorus. Wish she got some solo lines though, a bit of back and forth with Mini. The production flourishes are lush though.

I'll bop.

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