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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. #2 on iTunes, make of that wat you will.
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  2. Nothing, as iTunes charts are not a barometer of success. I'd be more concerned with streaming charts - Spotify and Apple Music.
  3. I am aware of that but it still helps. Even if only a little.
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  4. Here for the remix! Was it produced by the Dua collaborators though? It sounds much more expensive and fuller than anything on Disco. The vocals are mixed better, the metallic effect is gone and in general it doesn't pierce your ears. Sky Adams sure it ain't.
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  5. Sky had nothing to do with Real Groove.
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  6. I... think this is my favourite Kylie album.
  7. Worldwide iTunes Song Chart - 2020/12/31
    9 +118 Kylie Minogue & Dua Lipa - Real Groove
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  8. New Magic performance on CNN!
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  9. Real Groove better be performed on NBC x
  10. It was great to see it in HD. The original stream was not great quality.
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  11. The Andy's love Kylie
  12. Okay, I'm not a big Magic fan, but that was great. Some of those Magic performances have felt so... flimsy... this one did not. Not sure about that outfit, though.
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  13. The hood with the large shoulder pads overwhelms her petite frame, in my opinion.
  14. These US promo performances have been great.
  15. Also certainly gives her a bump in sales and streaming..
    United States
    61. Real Groove (NE)
    89. Magic (NE)
    iTunes Albums:
    62. DISCO (+461)
    Apple Music Albums:
    495. DISCO (+148)
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  16. Uno


    They played her Infinite Disco performance of Magic on NBC just now - so good!
  17. She’s settling into the song, it was her best performance of Magic yet. I thought the outfit was great, especially in the middle 8 section when she was showing a bit of leg. Queen of classy sexiness.
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  18. I would agree the CNN performance was her best display of Magic yet. Not a single complaint to be found from me...aside from the song itself.
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