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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. HMD


    Great performance of Magic!
    Did she not perform Real Groove?
  2. Real Groove was a great fit for Dua in my mind - but I’m not a big fan of the new mix. I would rather Dua just cover the song. Kylie’s original was perfect the way it was.
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  3. Oh wow, this slaps. I don't really listen to Kylie outside of a few hits but this is brilliant. I knew the words to the chorus by the second listen, it's a real ear worm.
  4. The remix ist fantastic. Should have more Dua still but it slaps.
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  5. Gets better and better each listen this remix, so much fun. All 3 singles so far, feel like such as classic and solid run.
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  6. Surprised they haven't added this to the streaming/iTunes deluxe versions of the album, would definitely encourage a few extra sales.
  7. This is no 1 on U.K. iTunes, amazingly her first no 1.
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  8. I agree, that would be a good help if they did.
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  9. Don’t think I didn’t notice that wink and nod back to Fever with her slinking onto the floor with the mic for the CNN performance.
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  10. What songs do we think are still in the running to become singles?

    I'd probably say Last Chance, Supernova and Dancefloor Darling.
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  11. Santa Baby is up 1 place to no 31 in the U.K. this week, pretty much based on Christmas Day streams alone.
  12. I love that this remix will promote the album, but also get some people that possibly wouldn't have listened to Kylie before to take a chance and hear what they've been missing.

    'Dance Floor Darling', 'Miss A Thing' and 'Supernova' are the strongest remaining single options.
  13. Supernova will need a radical remix for a single release, it’s just too noisy as it is. It’s the one instance on the album where the production criticisms seem justified to me.
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  14. Gotta be Dancefloor Darling for me as single #4!
  15. Dancefloor Darling is the perfect spring single!
  16. It would be indeed and rather hope it turns out to be the case.
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  17. While Supernova pops the hell off and is a definite favorite I don’t see them going for it as a single although I’d love to be proven wrong. I think Last Chance and Dance Floor Darling will be it for the other singles from the album.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Real Groove vinyl pressing with the remix as the b side.
  18. If clubs were open then Supernova would be a perfect single with loads of dance remixes. But sadly they're not.
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  19. Real Groove debuts at #25 on the downloads chart
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  20. Watched the behind the scenes stuff of Infinite Disco and I truly hope Kylie continues to work with Studio Moross again cause Kate is such a damn talent.

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