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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. "Miss A Thing" is the most played upload on YouTube as well—with almost double the views of "Real Groove" and "Supernova."

  2. Miss a Thing is one of my favourite Kylie songs I can safely say. I also think that DISCO has one of her strongest opening three-track-run ever
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  3. Kylie working with James Ford would be a dream but I just don't picture them releasing something like 'The Kill' by our dear Jessie. If anything, it would sound like the Ep Beth Ditto released a few years ago (which is absolutely fantastic).
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  4. Mine too. Top of my Spotify Unwrapped too.
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  5. Real Groove has been added to Radio 2’s A-List.
  6. The new 'Remix' is brilliant. Great production and benefits greatly by listening LOUD. Perfect.
  7. I want both of these thanks!
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  8. The louder the better.
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  9. DISCO altogether sold 112,916 in (8 weeks) 2020.
  10. The Real Groove remix bops. The addition of Dua and the more refreshed production does give the track some more life and makes it pop more.
  11. It's one of her finest single remixes I think.
  12. I’d go as far as saying it’s one of her very best singles. Period. I just love it.
  13. I love the original Real Groove, but the remix elevates it even more.
  14. Not having Dua do a verse on the remix is a big WTF moment.
  15. My go to version now the remix I think.
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  16. I think getting a Due verse was too complicated contracts / rights-wise or couldn't be done on time, so if it meant no duet, I can take the remix we got.
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  17. They seem to have bounced off eachother nicely so I don’t think it’s the last we can expect to hear from them.
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  18. I know I'm completely alone in this opinion, but I think Unstoppable would be a good single. She nails that late 70s / early 80s disco funk sound so effortlessly on this track. She doesn't always sound... at ease with funk or r&b influences, but from the slinky verses to her gorgeous soprano coos in the chorus, she sounds utterly at home here. And Troy Miller's production is immaculate. The song's influences are clearly on its sleeve but it doesn't feel like total pastiche either. And it's also uplifting without being syrupy.

    I really love this album, but I feel like most of the other potential future singles mentioned on this thread are either so camp that they're unlikely to appeal to anyone who doesn't already own the album and/or they're going to sound a touch shrill given Sky's special turn-everything-up-to-11 touch.
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  19. I’ve come around to Unstoppable. From skipping it to bopping to its special slinkiness!
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  20. Unstoppable is one of the biggest growers of the set. The entire album is frothy and admittedly lightweight even at its best moments - and it certainly isn’t the most interesting record she could have produced, but it was the right record for this moment. The whole thing is just so fun, and such a cathartic listen with the chaos going on around us. It’s delivered some of my favourite tracks she’s done in quite a while.

    I am hopeful she hooks up with Jessie and James Ford to make something more dynamic and maybe a little bit darker next time though, but this record was just what we needed now.
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