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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I certainly have warmed far more to Unstoppable than I did initially. Great hook to it.
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  2. The Dua/Kylie remix has been a weirdly low key affair. A single Instagram post from them after it had already been released in some countries and silence ever since, not even a lyric video on YouTube to get some views. It’s not doing much on Spotify either, it will be a shame if this is all we’re getting from it.
  3. The remix is gift for the fans basically, and of course they would time their posts with the UK release, which they did. What else can they do?
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  4. I think this is the most important thing to realise about this record, not that I've seen many complaints about it here, but it was never meant to be a lyrically deep or introspective album, and Kylie has literally said that that is the case for it, and that's absolutely fine! The album does the job for the time at which it was released, and even if it's not Impossible Princess or Golden level depth-wise, it's a pretty solid album and its packed with some bangers.

    The opening three tracks are absolutely stellar, Say Something is a career highlight, Dancefloor Darling is SO explosive, and this new remix of Real Groove is a really nice twist on the song
  5. Aside from some great musical production, the vocals were a horrible cut and paste job with no proper layering. Let it rot silently, teebs.
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  6. Maybe do some teasers a few days before, a countdown, get people a bit more excited and then post about it more than once on Instagram? A lyric video to get some more interaction? I mean I get that maybe it’s meant to be low key and that’s fine, but given how (gay) people have been crying out for this for ages, and the potential it has, it just seems a bit of a waste.
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  7. HMD


    Has anyone else noticed how her ‘The Complete Kylie Collection’ on Spotify includes all tracks from DISCO three times in a row?!
  8. The remix seems like they just pitched Dua's mic feed from the Studio 2054 show rather than actually having her go into a studio and lay down vocals for the song. I think it was just thrown together because fans wanted it. I think it turned out pretty well for what is likely a rushed patch job. It would have been cool to get an entire verse from Dua but I get why they didn't spend time doing that.
  9. I've decided that I need the multitracks of this era to be in my possession, simply for wanting to hear the bass in Miss a Thing isolated, and also just Real Groove in general


    Real Groove (Studio 2054) - 435,369 (+340,457)

    Real Groove week 1 (1 day of sales):
    UK Official Singles Sales Chart #25

    UK Official Singles Downloads Chart #25

    #81 Finland (NE)
    #162 Norway (NE)
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  11. BBC RADIO 2
    w/c Saturday 2 Januray
    A LIST
    Ava Max - My Head & My Heart
    Gwen Stefani - Let Me Reintroduce Myself
    Jason Derulo x Nuka - Love Not War (The Tampa Beat)
    Jennifer Lopez - In The Morning
    Kylie Minogue - Real Groove
    Leslie Odom Jr. Feat. Sia - Cold
    Liam Gallagher - All You’re Dreaming Of
    Lola Lennox - La La Love Me
    Nathan Dawe X Little Mix - No Time For Tears

  12. I’m really glad the album is performing well for Kylie! She deserves the success and the return to Disco has done wonders for her profile!

    Out of all the tracks, the ones I return to most (as in listen to repeat daily) are ‘Last Chance’, ‘Where Does the DJ Go?’, ‘Monday Blues’ and (strangely) ‘I Love It’, which has crept up on me since it’s initial release. As for the rest, not so much!
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  13. I have to agree. BMG get a lot of credit for album campaigns but the one thing they do poorly for Kylie is singles. The duet, if marketed properly, with physical releases (because we will all buy a 12"/ cd single etc) could get her back in the top 20. I am not sure if they know what they are doing, to be honest.

    My other evidence would be the remix of Stop Me I'm Falling, which was a nailed on smash to my mind, but was just a limp campaign that reached 60 odd. Perhaps the earlier comment is right in that its a gift to fans and nowt else.
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  14. It's a shame they can't get those limited editions back in for a little while, I'm sure at least 5k more of the marbled edition would sell and I see comments on Insta literally daily about the cassettes. The pandemic understandably has hindered plans.
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  15. on iTunes?

    There is very little chance of a Kylie single in 2020/1 scraping into the Top 40, much less Top 20. That’s just the way things stand and she’s acknowledged it - she’s in a new phase of her career and the goalposts of a successful single are different to her.
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  16. Always nice how Radio 2 keep on supporting her and this album.
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  17. Well Say Something reached #56 and Magic #53 so not entirely impossible.
  18. So... barely Top 60? dd

    It’s just not realistic - BMG aren’t going to go to the trouble of producing vinyl for what is a third single to hit #62 when they can push the entire album as a piece and make more money.

    She had a hit singles run that any artist could be proud of - now the approach is different. It’s not some mass conspiracy against her.
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