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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I always think it's more of an achievement, say, when Say Something became her fifty-ninth entry on the UK charts, and Magic became her sixtieth, meaning she had five decades of UK singles chart entries, as opposed to actual Top -insert number here- entries. As much as it would be nice for her to get into the top 40 again, it won't be detrimental if she doesn't
  2. Music snobbery at its finest from the past.

    We all know it wasn't just the song, it was the video, the style, the sass, the Kylie.

    And then to pull out that Brit awards performance.

    Pure KYLIE!
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  3. DISCO is at #33 on the ARIA chart, up from #45 last week.
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  4. Cher didn't go away either, she was having Top 10s during the 90s, had a UK No 1 Hits album and the album that was released before Believe was a big UK / Europe seller and spawned hits in Walking in Memphis and the absolute classic One By One - hence Believe starting as a UK era too, with the US playing catch up later.
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  5. This sounds stupid, but time felt a lot longer in the 90s than it does now. The gaps inbetween everything felt like an eternity. That's why it always felt like a sudden surprise!!!! when your favs came back. But then social media didn't exist, so time didn't feel so ruthlessly and ephemerally scrutinised like it does today. Now you know everything all the time, even when you don't need to.
  6. This is exactly why describing Believe as a comeback irks me no end. I won't stand for One By One erasure.
  7. Cher's best single for me.

    I do think Believe smashed because of the vocoder at first, but you don't score 5 weeks at Number One or sell 10 million albums and thousands of tickets (Believe album / tour) on a gimmick alone.
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  8. To try and insinuate that Get Outta My Way has Believe potential shows a real lack of understanding of what I was actually saying. This thread remains a hoot though!
  9. Don't forget that Paradise (Eurodance Remix) walked so Believe could run!

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  10. @Vasilios, @Suburbia et al are right on the money. Scoring a massive, career-reinvigorating, world-conquering hit like Believe, Can't Get You Out of My Head, Hung Up when you're that deep into your career is no easy feat and won't happen for any 10/10 pop song. Like, yeah, Get Outta My Way is one of my favorite Kylie songs ever, but it was never going to be the hit being described. Fans of Madonna, Kylie, Britney, etc. in particular are extremely unrealistic with their expectations when it comes to this. I would argue that Shallow is a more recent example of a song transcending in that way.
  11. When another singer covers a Kylie song it becomes clear what Kylie brings to it. I don't think there is a more perfect pop voice than Kylie's. For example, I don't think many singers can pull off Miss A Thing and it's nothing to do with belting out crazy notes.

    Mel B singing Can't Get You Out Of My Head is case in point. And it's nothing against Mel B who has a great voice.

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  12. Great news about Disco being one of the UK's top 40 selling albums of 2020.
  13. I have said this for years, NO ONE can pull of Can't Get You Out of My Head in the way Kylie can; even if the best-toned, widest-ranged, most pitch-perfect singer sang it, it just would not be the same. Kylie is the only person who has ever been able to pull that song off
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  14. I mean I agree that Kylie hasn’t released anything as good as Believe, but that’s a high benchmark, and I don’t see how that invalidates discussion over how charts work. Kylie (and any other artist) should be able to chart with songs not as good as Believe, but the way the charts work at the moment, she is essentially locked out from that. When was the last time a song reached the top 40 that wasn’t on major Spotify playlists, or a novelty/charity song? I mean my take on it is that it’s probably not fair that she’s not put on any playlists, but as it is the case it just means that the singles chart is irrelevant to her success.
  15. I think Slow and Head easily top Believe.

    I’m actually surprised by the comments on Believe. It’s a good song but it’s a bit dated isn’t it? Whereas Slow and Head still floor me when I’ve got it on my good speakers.
  16. I was working in HMV when Believe was released and heard so much music in work I never listened to the radio outside work. So when it was released I hadn't heard it as we never even had a pre release copy (plus the 'cool' indie kids wouldn't play it in store even if we had. So it sort of passed me by until it was inescapable.

    The charts could be unpredictable at times though. I mean, I knew 'Whole again' was going to do well but not sure anyone thought it would go straight to number one though.
  17. Strong Enough >>>> Believe though. Let's get real.
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  18. I feel like I’ve only just stopped humming it as well! “I cannot escape and I cannot forget” indeed
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  19. We All Sleep Alone 99 / Taxi Taxi >>>
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  20. Heart of stone is THE one.
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