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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Hey all, I'm doing an Infinite Disco Tour concept, and I wanted to share this because I'm a bit in love with it. If you want to download it with the original vocal, press the download button on SoundCloud; I had to use a live vocal for copyright

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  2. Ordered!!! I dithered and missed the last two and paid over the odds via Ebay!
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  3. Kylie most certainly did need the duet to help cement her comeback. It was a huge hit.

    Hilarious that people have such strong opinions on it. It's a pop song.
  4. RRS


    Just pre-ordered! So happy it’s been released!!
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  5. Release date 30th April 2021, odd.
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  6. RRS


    Impact date maybe? More promo lined up?
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  7. No, just when the record plant can deliver.
  8. Yes, so pleased with the colour! It couldn't have been any other way.
  9. What's the title of the "new" duet ? It's more that 3-4 years that there's this rumor. Don't know why Robbie wants to release it now. It was rumored around his Under the radar vol.3 release or before !
  10. I assume it's Disco Symphony. Recorded years ago and used in his musical project.
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  11. Probably because disco is popular. If the song is as good as Robbie says it is then it seems like a no brainer to release it as part of a Disco re-release.

    “It's a big disco extravaganza ... I have a cunning plan and that song is placed in my back pocket ready to be deployed at the right time - and it will see the light. It's a cracker and I get to sing with Kylie Minogue again."
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  12. SO glad got the Real Groove 7"! My favourite Kylie single artwork since Dancing.
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  13. Cannot believe I missed it, already sold out!
  14. This is ridicolus, I wanted to buy it now and it's already sold out? It's not even numbered.
  15. The threat that is Robbie Williams...

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  16. Billboard Hot Dance Electronic Songs
    15. (37) Real Groove - Kylie x Dua
    36. (46) Magic

    Billboard Top Dance Electronic Albums
    24. (re) Disco - 5 weeks

    Billboard Electronic Digital Songs Sales
    22. (re) Magic
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  17. Deja vu.

    They'll put more on sale just like they did with Say Something and Magic.
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  18. One more to go, K!
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  19. Yeah, more will come. They usually keep a few hundred aside.
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  20. I wonder how many Oz fans like myself missed out on the Real Groove 7" since it came out when we were asleep here...
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