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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I always listen to the album on shuffle and Where Does The DJ Go? is the song I click on first to start it off. I love it when she sings 'feeling so right, aaiiiiii'. And it has great remix potential. Also seems in keeping with the lockdown theme with clubs closed.

    Dancefloor Darling sounds like a summer song, hopefully when dancefloors are open.
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  2. I think Kylie will be pushing for 'Dance Floor Darling' to be a single, the label will see how popular 'Miss A Thing' has been on all platforms and want that, while a lot of fans also seem to want 'Supernova' or 'Last Chance'.

    I just hope we do get more.
  3. I know I’m greedy but I’d love a re release down the line with more tracks
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  4. More tracks would be nice but if Kylie really wants to embrace disco she needs extended versions. And not 5 minute extended versions but proper 15-18 minute mixes like Donna Summer used to do. I would pay good money for that and it seems like something easy to do.

  5. Agree, that's why I love Confessions On A Dancefloor...the original Hung Up is 5:37 we need more of this....infact listening to Madonna's first album again and it really is a perfect Disco/Pop Album....some songs are close to 7 mins, gives the song time to breathe and more instrumentals in between...why I love the Real Groove 2054 mix.
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  6. Or maybe she could do a combination and release an EP with 4 lengthier, new tracks. One with Biff, one with Teemu, one with Sky and one with Jon Green.
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  7. Nothing wrong being greedy with an album THIS good. The more the better.
  8. Well this gets my vote for the Disco tour interlude section:

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  10. Well get on with it then if something else is coming visually for Real Groove dddd

    I know we just got the remix EP but now it's a bit dry with nothing much happening.
  11. If a tour is gonna happen (next year), the reissue will happen in early Autumn, I think. It would be nice to have a new track during summer.
    I want new music.
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  12. If BMG have shown us anything so far it is that their timing is impeccable with campaigns. I don't think there is any point in doing anything big now given that the Covid situation is pretty grim, lockdown is worse than ever and sales are very low post Xmas / New Year. And if the idea is to stretch things to a possible 2022 tour than there is no rush.

    If the rumours are true that Kylie is doing Mardi Gras in March that seems like a good re-launch given that it will be a stadium event.
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  13. I'd love dance Flor Darling or Where Does The DJ Go? as the next single. It's just such a shame that we know whatever is the single will do nothing commercially, I miss a single getting released and checking it's progress on the charts each week. At least we'll hopefully have a video to look forward to.
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  14. I like that Kylie has now become an album-oriented artist.
  15. I still stand by my belief that the release of "Real Groove" and its music video should've coincided with the release of Disco.
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  16. I hope things start to pick up again for this era soon, although I accept it's hard for it to also do so during these present times.
  17. Received my cd + signed print from Chalky's today, ordered at release time. It's been through multiple wars and the print isn't in the best condition, but I'm happy to finally get something signed. So if you ordered one and are still waiting it might still arrive.
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  18. I would love Kylie to cover MacArthur Park - she would need some backing singers to beef it up - but hello 0.5% of the population could sing this song solo I think.
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