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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Miss A Thing is great but it's not a great Spring / Summer single. Would sound good for winter though.
  2. a expanded edition was added to....... wikipedia
  3. Spotlight featuring Jade from Little Mix haha
  4. Miss A Thing would be another laidback mid tempo single though, just like the first three. Dance Floor Darling would be a welcome change of pace for the era plus there is also the small matter of it being the best song on the album so I'd love that to be the next single. A video and remix package has to happen for it. I need an extended version of that amazing outro!
  5. A video for Dance Floor Darling of Kylie dancing on a terrace in the sun with a glass of her wine in her hand as we all emerge from lockdown would be just about perfect. Oh, and a tour announcement also.
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  6. I guess that we've got a Mixer out there who stans "Spotlight."

    This is even more random than "Supernova" feat. Lady Gaga.
  7. I agree, I like Miss A Thing, but Dance Floor Darling, is just Kylie genius and SO much fun too!
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  9. RRS


    Yes it has to be Miss A Thing. That song is sublime!
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  10. Has... she got married?
  11. Wait –
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  12. If true, Billie Piper must feel really validated right now.
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  13. Agreed, Miss A Thing is so laid back I suspect it would go completely unnoticed.
  14. Just me that thinks Last Chance is an obvious single choice then..?
  15. I think Miss a Thing, then Last Chance is the way to go.
  16. As much as I love Miss a Thing, I can't see it getting much radio play. I think Dance Floor Darling would be a better single choice, followed by Last Chance.
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  17. The best options for singles now are Dance Floor Darling, Last Chance and Where Does The DJ Go? All uptempo bops that would showcase a different side to the album.
  18. That picture of Kylie is very intriguing (and very lovely too). If she has indeed tied the knot, am very happy for her, she more than deserves it.
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  19. France airplay
    84 NEW 1 KYLIE MINOGUE & DUA LIPA Real Groove
    148 RE 19 KYLIE MINOGUE Magic
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  20. 'Dance Floor Darling' is the one. Plus Kylie loves it.
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