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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Spotlight being my least favourite off Disco, really didn't surprise me at all must say.
  2. Pretty accurate ranking for me

    1. Say Something
    2. Dance Floor Darling
    3. Real Groove
    4. Miss a Thing
    5. Magic
    6. I Love It
    7. Last Chance
    8. Spotlight
    9. 'Til You Love Somebody
    10. Supernova
    11. Where Does the DJ Go?
    12. Unstoppable
    13. Monday Blues
    14. Celebrate You
    15. Hey Lonely
    16. Fine Wine

    Not 5 of the 6 non-Sky songs in my top 6.
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  3. I waited purposefully for the release of the vinyl. The best chance to get a higher peak.
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  4. No real surprise here using the Preference tool, at all really...
    1. Monday Blues
    2. Last Chance
    3. Where Does the DJ Go?
    4. I Love It
    5. Dance Floor Darling
    6. Fine Wine
    7. Supernova
    8. Say Something
    9. Magic
    10. Hey Lonely
    11. 'Til You Love Somebody
    12. Spotlight
    13. Celebrate You
    14. Unstoppable
    15. Miss a Thing
    16. Real Groove
  5. I took a break from this for a few weeks and I'm listening right now and Till You Love Somebody is hitting at the moment.

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  6. Okay thanks for your feedback but weren't you wanting to lock and shut this forum down yesterday?
    Spotify playlist for streaming Real Groove
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  7. Your results:
    1. Miss A Thing
    2. Lost Without You
    3. Say Something
    4. Dancing
    5. Real Groove
    6. Dance Floor Darling
    7. Last Chance
    8. Stop Me from Falling
    9. Magic
    10. Sincerely Yours
    11. Celebrate You
    12. Supernova
    13. Every Little Part of Me
    14. Music's Too Sad Without You
    15. Where Does the DJ Go
    16. Golden
    17. Radio On
    18. Love
    19. I Love It
    20. Raining Glitter
    21. One Last Kiss
    22. Unstoppable
    23. Till You Love Somebody
    24. A Lifetime to Repair
    25. Monday Blues
    26. Shelby 68
    27. Rollin
    28. Spotlight
    29. Live a Little"
    30. Low Blow
    31. Hey Lonely
    32. Fine Wine
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  8. The re-release should be called Infinite Disco, and it should come with a DVD of Infinite Disco.
  9. There are so many titles they could have. Even if it was called Disco Deluxe or Disco Forever I would be happy.
  10. 'Kylie Loves the D'
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  11. I Love It
    Real Groove
    Fine Wine
    Til You Love Somebody
    Say Something
    Miss A Thing
    Last Chance
    Celebrate You
    Dance Floor Darling
    Where Does The DJ go
    Hey Lonely
    Monday Blues
  12. She can call it Disco Dumpster for all I care, just get on with this reissue if it is happening.
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  13. Real Groove is down to midweek 53 today, 3,999 sales. Its sales on Sunday to be midweek 20 were 3,575.

    #100 this coming Friday will probably end up selling around 4,600, and Real Groove is on track for 4.6k - 4.7k. A close-run thing! I don't think it's destined to reach a better peak than #95. 5k+ would be needed to achieve that, and 6k+ to go Top 75.

    Sales so far this week: 485 streaming, 147 downloads and 3,367 vinyl.

    That's more than the vinyl sales Magic and Say Something achieved in release week - 1,923 and 2,525 respectively. Either the pressing numbers for Real Groove are higher, or the UK residing fans bought up more of them than the international fans on this occasion?
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  14. It would've been nice to get a top 75 peak, but it was a long shot.
  15. Ha vinyl's been dispatched!
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  16. I didn’t get any dispatch email but mine just turned up! The sleeve is matte unlike the previous two singles, but it still has the same custom printed inner sleeve. Now all we need is a pink/purple vinyl for the reissue (or maybe a neon orange)! B8CB9D30-48CE-4276-8ED1-CC2B4A9A3059.jpeg
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  17. My Real Groove turned up too. The green is lovely but I swear to fucking God that BMG needs to sort a better manufacturer because all my Kylie LPs have some sort of dust or debris in them it's ridiculous.
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  18. I'm so happy she's had some great success this era but....... I still can't get onboard with that font.
  19. There is a worrying lack of respect for “Hey Lonely” around here.
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