Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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Anyone want their fortunes read?
I'm sure she has filmed several spots for the run of the show.
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There’s plenty of examples of an artist appearing on the show and them or their band not being lipsynced to. It would have been nice but it isn’t to be expected at this point.
I guess that that's true. It is difficult not to have high expectations though, especially because Kylie fans have wanted her to make an appearance on any iteration of Drag Race over the years, so to have both Minogues in the same episode play such a minor role is disappointing.
Could it be that they didn’t have a Kylie song this week so they wouldn’t have to pick one Minogue over the other (since both were featured)?

100 degrees? They could have used the version that omits the word 'Christmas'. It may not be well known by the GP, but it could still have been fun.
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I love Celebrate you but with 50 plus hits to choose from there's no way on earth it'd be included in any jukebox musical.
This. I can imagine moderately successful singles being snubbed in a jukebox musical, so it's highly unlikely that they'd feature an album track that even Kylie neglected to play live if Infinite Disco is any indictation.
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I mean if they can slip in Under Attack and Slipping Through My Fingers into Mamma Mia (the musical), then can slip in an obscure track for a theoretical Kylie jukebox musical.
Regards to musicals it's the story that is just as important as the songs themselves. Which is why musicals are not opera's.

So is Celebrate You can fit into a story better than a key single then why not.

Whilst not a single from Abba. Slipping Through My Fingers works really well and is perfect for that part of Mamma Mia's story.

And actually I could really see/hear Celebrate You in a musical. Lyrically it could slot well into a narrative.

Kylie's back catalogue is (like Abba's) very fortunate and there are plenty of song options and multiple musicals which good be written around/with those songs. Singles, Album Tracks, BSides et al.

By The Way, I work in theatre and I could say more.
Seems that a handful of fans have taken it upon themselves to start downloading - pretty sure there wasn't any Real Groove versions in the iTunes Top 1500 yesterday, but now we have:

#184 Studio 2054 Initial Talk Remix
#462 & #1008 Studio 2054 Remix
#1006 Claus Neonors Remix
#1010 Cheap Cuts Remix
#1012 Album Version

Still very few sales of course, but I suppose every little helps!
Very few = 1 to 3 sales.
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