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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. I think the Real Groove single is probably the best single package we've had in a long time. The artwork and remixes are probably the best since probably Slow.
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  2. I absolutely agree. We know little of Kylie's personal life and if she wants to have disconnect then good for her. Her career is doing just fine, I still love listening to Disco and I'm looking forward to its re-package when Kylie is ready.

  3. I'm sure that when we're talking about things that Kylie could do, we're not just referring to Kylie herself—we're referring to Kylie and the team surrounding her.
  4. Correctly spelling its title might've helped.
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  5. That’s a fan made video made back in December on a YouTube channel with 400 subscribers.
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  6. The Eastern European women dancing at a wedding is also a giveaway.
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  7. Not sure if this is true or not but someone posted this on Facebook :

    '#OllyAlexander seems to have no intention of giving electro pop lovers a break!
    After the special duet with #EltonJohn on the Pet Shop Boys's ' It's A Sin ' notes (presented on the #BritAwards stage last May 11), Years & Years project vocals will delight us with a special remix of his latest single, #Starstruck, made in collaboration with #KylieMinogue!
    We're able to reveal that the track has already been forwarded to the databases of streaming / download platforms (pending an official announcement) and that, according to the current plan, it will be released next Friday, May 21'
  8. Very interesting news and development if true!
  9. yeah, looks like this was also confirmed by a reliable user on another music forum and those who have access to the Spotify/iTunes metadata in advance!
  10. I've wanted Olly Alexander to work with Kylie for years but on a better song than Starstruck. Hopefully this will lead to a future collaboration - Shine is the greatest Kylie lead single that never was.
  11. Years & Years x Kylie deserves more of a moment than a remix but I know I'm going to live for it regardless!
  12. All the talent and quality left with the other two guys, I am not looking forward to having Kylie on this song.
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  13. I'd be more surprised if you were.
  14. Babe, always so grim!
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  15. I mean I'm hardly going to be giddy over her jumping on a remix of a really terrible song, especially when she can't be bothered to promote her own music.
  16. Kylie’s power in keeping middle-aged gays moaning.

    No complaints from me. Olly was amazing in Its A Sin and his activism for LGBTIQ+ community is amazing. So I’m glad they did something together.
  17. 28...middle aged?
    Also, if you don't like "moaning".....*don't read it*
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  18. You read older than your age.

    You are on my ignore list already. I just clicked on the un-ignore to make sense of the thread.
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  19. I mean, I'm not sure what promo she could exactly have done. We are in the middle of a pandemic and I think it's wrong to expect anyone do anything in these trying times. Sure, some more post-release performances would have been cool, but Kylie was probably eager to go back to Australia to see her family. Also, dropping an album and not doing anything after is kinda standard practice now. Dua is one of the few artists not doing that.
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  20. Eh, I'm 48.
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