Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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You read older than your age.

You are on my ignore list already. I just clicked on the un-ignore to make sense of the thread.

The point is to ignore me, that? You don't need to quote me or make comments about the posts which you are meant to be ignoring. You are just looking for drama now.
It's really not a hard concept to grasp, you don't like someone's posts? IGNORE THEM. Don't put them on IGNORE and then unIGNORE them to just comment on them anyway. That's just dumb.

I need to make more use of the function it seems. This is a never ending cycle, same old people moaning about someone not having the same opinion as them. *yawn*
Did anyone see Ollie sing with Kylie at Kylie Christmas? I hate to say it but their live vocal just didn’t gel.
I’m sure a studio version will sound great though!
I’m excited for this
You don’t stay at the level she’s been at for as long as she has without being a master at getting folk on your side. I’m sure she’s genuinely lovely but she’s worked out how to navigate her way through the business with grace. She doesn’t get enough credit for that.
People who work with her always sing her praises about how grounded she seems to be and how nice she is, most people in the industry seem love her to pieces. I’m sure she has the “diva” side that comes out every now and then when stuff doesn’t go how she likes but she’s a pop star after all.

(Not criticizing you)

The "diva" side comes out in everyone. My boss can be a diva. Customers are divas ordering from restaurants. People are divas on the phone trying to schedule doctor appointments. Kylie, and all popstars, know their work directly reflects their reputation - not the runner on set, or often even the photographer/producer etc. It all comes down to the talent.

I don't blame talent for being "divas" (I've worked with people on set and honestly felt bad that their shortness was a direct reflection of insecurity) as long as they are kind. You can get upset over an outfit or backdrop and still be a good person.
Not open for further replies.