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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I do really like Kiss Me Once as well. That era gave us and absolute abundance of 4/5 songs. It's just missing some 5/5s and a clear vision.
  2. I just think that when your album has these then I was gonna cancel should be nowhere near single status (but we know Kylie never releases the best songs - I'm looking at you Disco Down)

    And whilst this is the definition of Kylie by numbers it's a bop!

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  3. I’m pretty sure it was said it was contractual that any Pharrell song had to be a single? It’s definitely not in the best crop of the tracks but it’s really not as bad as everyone makes out. Any and all criticism of Beautiful, I can understand.
  4. We are in the wrong thread for this, but I'd happily continue discussion here!
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  5. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Kiss Me Once is the last Kylie album I actively enjoyed.
  6. Which version? The Bish Bosh Mix or the Dolphin Mix? If it's the latter, it's not hard to see why—"I Was Gonna Cancel" is infinitely more accessible than the Dolphin Mix of "Where Is The Feeling."
  7. Kiss Me Once is a good album, it's just marred for me now because Kylie was having such a crap time throughout the era.
  8. WARNING: The Sc*m

    Apparently Olly Alexander’s written a track for the Disco re-issue, as well as having Kylie on the Starstruck remix.

    “But that’s not the only thing Kylie has been working on while in Australia, as she has pulled together a deluxe version of her No1 album Disco which will feature several new tracks, including a previously unheard song penned by Olly, and a collaboration with Jessie Ware.”
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  9. Isn’t this exactly what it didn’t do?

    Kiss Me Once promised to marry Kylie with hip producers like Sia and Pharrell, via RocNation, delivering hits and relevance. And it delivered the opposite, at least commercially. “Cancel” was a big part of the promise, and a big part of the let down.

    I do agree there is a good record somewhere in there though... Somehow Kiss Me Once (and the Garibay EPs) fit nicely into the “story” of her back catalogue when placed alongside Golden and Disco, neither of which attempt to be hip and both lean into the Radio 2 audience.

    Is the Kiss Me Once era the last time Kylie tried to be cool?
  10. Thanks for the info!
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  11. Or you could accept that they have different tastes and not try to force yours on them?
    That would make this whole era worth it.
  12. I dunno I think that the Disco album housing a number of Kylie classics has made the era worth it, but I’m glad you’re looking forward to the Jessie collab!
  13. Some enjoyable songs for sure but nothing near her best for me. Working with Jessie might show her what she is more than capable of doing and give us a real modern Kylie classic.
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  14. Dolphin!
  15. The Sun is usually spot on with Kylie info, so I’d bet it’s true. Hopefully it’s a Jessie and co produced track rather than the latter. Throw Kylie one of the many What's Your Pleasure? leftovers and we’re in for a stormer.
  16. Kylie doing something on the level of Shine, King, Hypnotized or Desire could be incredible so the Olly collab has me excited. As for the Jessie track? Goes without saying that it will be magical. Bring on the deluxe!
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  17. If he had written any songs as good as those you'd assume he'd be releasing them himself instead of garbage like Starstruck though.

    But yes, Queens Kylie and Jessie can't not produce a bop.
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  18. I think alot of what made those songs as good as they were was down to the members who have since left.
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  19. Exactly this. Can kylie just team up with them instead?
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  20. Okay, I don't know why Disco keeps giving me musical theatre vibes, but I was listening to "Supernova" and again found myself thinking "this sounds like something from a musical".

    I can imagine the Kylie jukebox musical being about an insecure, plain woman named Mary who discovers her self-confidence after falling in love with an alien from another planet.

    There will be songs about space travel (Light Years, Come into My World, Supernova), songs about Mary's emotional growth (I Believe in You, Confide in Me, Celebrate You), and songs about falling in love (Wow, Shocked, Can't Get You Out of My Head, All The Lovers), and of course, this all takes place during a night at the Disco (On a Night Like this, Your Disco Needs You).

    Oh, and at the start of the musical, Mary is in a bad relationship with a jerk (Better the Devil You Know), whom she breaks up with in the show's triumphant climax (Get Out of My Way).
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