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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Dolphin!
  2. The Sun is usually spot on with Kylie info, so I’d bet it’s true. Hopefully it’s a Jessie and co produced track rather than the latter. Throw Kylie one of the many What's Your Pleasure? leftovers and we’re in for a stormer.
  3. Kylie doing something on the level of Shine, King, Hypnotized or Desire could be incredible so the Olly collab has me excited. As for the Jessie track? Goes without saying that it will be magical. Bring on the deluxe!
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  4. If he had written any songs as good as those you'd assume he'd be releasing them himself instead of garbage like Starstruck though.

    But yes, Queens Kylie and Jessie can't not produce a bop.
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  5. I think alot of what made those songs as good as they were was down to the members who have since left.
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  6. Exactly this. Can kylie just team up with them instead?
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  7. Okay, I don't know why Disco keeps giving me musical theatre vibes, but I was listening to "Supernova" and again found myself thinking "this sounds like something from a musical".

    I can imagine the Kylie jukebox musical being about an insecure, plain woman named Mary who discovers her self-confidence after falling in love with an alien from another planet.

    There will be songs about space travel (Light Years, Come into My World, Supernova), songs about Mary's emotional growth (I Believe in You, Confide in Me, Celebrate You), and songs about falling in love (Wow, Shocked, Can't Get You Out of My Head, All The Lovers), and of course, this all takes place during a night at the Disco (On a Night Like this, Your Disco Needs You).

    Oh, and at the start of the musical, Mary is in a bad relationship with a jerk (Better the Devil You Know), whom she breaks up with in the show's triumphant climax (Get Out of My Way).
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  8. Oh, and the alien is on earth because his ship crash landed here, and the only place he can get parts to repair it is at the local disco.
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  9. Fabulous highlights; I would add Sleeping With the Enemy and Waiting for the Sun to flesh out a better blueprint.
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  10. "Starstruck" is cute. Like yes, it's no "King" or "Shine," but it's still a bop and I'm interested to hear Kylie on it.
    I'm not surprised to read that, tbh. Although I do like the Dolphin Mix of "Where Is The Feeling," listening to Kylie whispering over a 90s dance beat for the first time in 2021 wouldn't hit the same as if he'd discovered it closer to its release. And "I Was Gonna Cancel" is infinitely more accessible than the Dolphin Mix of "Where Is The Feeling."
    A better music video.
  11. This deluxe is sounding like to be shaping up rather nicely!
  12. Not sure how many of you would care for this, but I really wish the disco gods make this happen.
    And then have a 10 minute Freemasons Remix of the song as well.
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  13. I would've loved a Calvin Harris-produced duet between them back in 2011-2012.
  14. It's a reach going just off this tweet, but I now want a Tinashe remix of Magic on DI2CO, thanks very much.

  15. OVAH ovah
  16. Magic is one of my most played from Disco. I enjoyed it from day 1 but it's really grown into being a great track for me.
  17. Magic is fabulous and she served in the video. That gold Studio 54 fantasy literally floored me.
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  18. 'Say Something' basically.
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  19. No.
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  20. Yes.
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