Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

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I woke up with M***c stuck in my head this morning.

I do agree there is a good record somewhere in there though... Somehow Kiss Me Once (and the Garibay EPs) fit nicely into the “story” of her back catalogue when placed alongside Golden and Disco, neither of which attempt to be hip and both lean into the Radio 2 audience.

Is the Kiss Me Once era the last time Kylie tried to be cool?

The Kylie / Sam Sparro duet came on my shuffle and my immediate thought was what Parlophone were thinking when they heard this amazing song ,and thought it shouldn't be on the main album.

I actually don't think there was any attempt at cool with Kiss Me Once. Skirt and the imagery around it was cool. The Garibay stuff was cool.

I think the last time Kylie was effortlessly cool was in Say Something. The production, the strange structure of the song and the lack of chorus really elevates it to the status of an alternative pop song.
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Is that really the single cover?
There have been so many really great photos of her for this era, why do the single covers (Real Groove aside) have to be so damn fugly? It's fifty shades of hideous.
I've always really liked Kiss Me Once despite its aimless nature. It's clear no one involved knew quite what to do with Kylie in 2014, but the tunes are there. And like many Kylie albums, some of the bonus cuts definitely deserved a place on the standard over others. It reminds me of X in a lot of ways, which seems to be looked at mostly fondly these days.

Unpopular, but I find it eminently more listenable than Golden.

i agree to a point. Les Sex has become on of my favourite Kylie bops. I’d like her to do more with MNDR.
he / him
Adding the hyphen on that cover is doing my Virgo head in.
The excessive use of hyphens throughout this era has done my head in, tbh.
If she doesn’t do an On the Dancefloor/Dance Floor Darling medley on the inevitable tour…
If "Dancefloor" didn't get an outing during the Fever Tour, there's no way that it'll be making an appearance on the Disco tour.
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