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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Is it “Dance Floor” or “Dancefloor”? Make up your Minogue Mind!
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  2. I hope the Disco repackage has more than 2 new songs.
  3. Oh, dear. That bukkake themed Starstruck cover art was real?
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  4. Reported as hate speech.
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  5. Didn't she do some Disco song with Robbie Williams and he was raving about having it released...Kids 2?
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  6. I didn't realize that "Dancefloor" had its fans. I thought that it was considered one of Fever's weakest tracks alongside the unfairly maligned "Give It To Me."
  7. Well they are definitely my two least favorites, so make of that what you will!
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  8. Dance floor is such a highlight to me.
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  10. This is kind of more adorable that it should be and totally me if I was a pop star
  11. MB


    That cover...
  13. I want 12" extended mixes alongside new tracks in the repackage.
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  14. I’ve always felt Miss A Thing could be at least 5 minutes longer
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  15. I do need a full extend instrumental break on that one. As those strings are lush!
  16. Really looking forward to the remix of Starstruck on Friday, feels like ages since we've had those Real Groove remixes now.
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  17. Yeah. Hope they don't... animate that artwork for a YouTube upload.
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  18. Be interesting to see if they do just that!
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  19. The way the shockingly bad cover art is spreading from her own era to other acts....
  20. I disagree that the cover art has been shockingly bad this era...I love the album cover, don't care what anyone say's and the single covers especially Real Groove look great, the vinyl singles look awesome.
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