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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Listening to whole thing now. It's great. She starts the verse and is on it loads, it's a proper duet. It sounds remixed, much more beefed up. Impressed.
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  2. What’s her voice like on it?
  3. Great, their voices blend together superbly. This is more impressive than the Dua one and I loved that too. I've had it on loop and her contribution elevates the track, plus it's been club disco'd up.
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  4. Fantastic! I’m pumped for tomorrow now
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  5. Play it LOUD
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  6. Oh, this is great!
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  7. I hate this so much. Every time something is released I have to wait longer than others to hear things just for living in the UK waaaaaaaaa

    Tantrum over
  8. I'm in the UK too.
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  9. I’m using a VPN to get New Zealand’s Spotify!
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  10. Does this link work?

  11. Me too.
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  12. No.
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  13. I’ve tried that before but it’s a faff on my phone. Thanks anyway x
  14. W2K


    Starstruck sounds fabulous with Kylie on it. I’m sold!
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  15. Can you use a VPN for Spotify on the phone?
  16. I shall investigate! Thanks x
  17. I can never get it to work.

    Spotify is a bugger for VPN's. They are not always compatible.
  18. I’ve never tried which is why I posed the question. Never had any issues on my desktop.
  19. Sounds good!
  20. just remember, merch nearly always goes up when we’re all sleeping and is sold out by the time we wake up!

    Anyway, really like what she’s added to Starstruck. Definitely sounds a bit fuller, great vocals and as others have said, it’s a proper duet.
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