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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  1. Really looking forward to listening to this now! Sounds promising.
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  2. that is a fair point actually! Also I guess it adds to the excitement having to wait in an era when everything is so instant
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  3. It's making the rounds now, I downloaded it and the track is actually improved with Kylie's inclusion but it was already growing on me to begin with.
  4. I can appreciate that she has supported young queer talent by doing this with someone who clearly adores her (and vice versa) and that her voice is good on this (for the most part, some of it is quite painful) but the song is just so bad. It also feels both under and overproduced at times.
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  5. It is a song that suits Kylie, yes.

    However it's nothing amazing. It's a nice track but nothing groundbreaking.
    Kinda just what I was expecting.
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  6. Kylie is used well in the remix. But the song is still not doing it for me.
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  7. Kylie and Olly sounds amazing together, especially on the chorus. The song is definitely better with her inclusion!
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  8. Loving this! Their voices really do blend so well together, and Kylie sounds so confident and vibrant on it too. What a joy this is!
  9. It is pretty crazy how much Kylie's vocals help to elevate the track.
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  10. When you listen to original now it sounds like something is missing.
  11. The Kylie magic!
  12. "Starstruck" is cute. Kylie and Olly sound good together and it's impressive that it wasn't just Kylie replacing Olly on a single verse—she was properly integrated into the track. I prefer it to about 80% of Disco, tbh.
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  13. Becomes her song too, much rather than just a random guest feature.
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  14. HMD


    The original was quite average. This remix improves it but there’s not much that can be done with a lifeless song... It somehow reminds me of ‘The Other Boys’ with Nervo which is another collab I don’t think much of.

    It may grow on me, but for now, after repeated listens the song remains barely ok.
  15. I like it! Kylie sounds great on it and definitely gives is that something extra it was missing.
  16. It's just reaffirmed I love Kylie's vocals. Her vocals work well with Olly at least.

    I am still not a fan of Starstruck though, I just find it empty.
  17. So we won't get a video for Dance Floor Darling?! Is it a real single?
  18. Probably not. We might get the Infinite Disco performance uploaded onto YouTube eventually, but it's highly unlikely that we'll be getting a music video. Kylie and her team still haven't technically announced "Dance Floor Darling" as a single yet, so maybe it is just a radio single.
  19. Maybe Dance Floor Darling got ditched at the last minute because of Starstruck?
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