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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Ha, well, you're only human!
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  2. Worldwide iTunes Song Chart - 2021/05/21
    10 +101 Years & Years & Kylie Minogue - Starstruck
  3. Y'all are right—"Real Groove" did deserve better. At least it got the best cover art out of all of the artwork this era, I guess.
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  4. Not people claiming Dance Floor Darling is the best track on Disco... Not when you have tracks like 'Last Chance' and 'Miss a Thing'.
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  5. Which are both lovely songs, but pale in comparison.
  6. Miss A Thing is a great song no denying, but to be honest I don't love it or see it quite as amazing as what many people do on here.
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  7. This.
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  8. Miss a Thing, Real Groove and Dance Floor Darling are the Disco trinity.
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  9. The general amnesia on display on this here page.

  10. Say Something, Magic and Dance Floor Darling are the Disco trinity.
    Bonus: Till You Love Somebody
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  11. Maybe because that song sounds so out of place on the album. It's just so good,in my head, I can't group it with the other songs.
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  12. Up there with ‘Confide in me’ and ‘Slow’ in my book!
  13. Top 5 for me is Magic, Miss a Thing, Real Groove, Say Something and Dance Floor Darling (though not in that order).

    Supernova, Last Chance and Where Does The DJ next in line. Everything else I like (bonus tracks included) apart from Monday Blues.
  14. Say Something is seriously special.
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  15. It’s honestly such a Kylie classic™, I forget it’s a part of the album sometimes.
  16. I still can't hear what you all do in Magic, it's easily my least favourite on Disco (and yes I'm including the bonus tracks in that assessment).

    Say Something is indeed up there with the greats, Dance Floor Darling isn't quite that standard, but is still excellent. I do hope we get the more sparkly remix sometime soon. It'll turn up on Di2co perhaps, or future pressing a la Come Into My World.
  17. "Say Something" is... fine. I genuinely don't hear what y'all hear in it, tbh.
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  18. It’s one of those ethereal midtempos - the 80s vibes, the breathy vocals, the ad libs - it’s just a type of song she always nails, and Say Something is one of the best examples of it. It feels like the perfect follow on from Lost Without You.

    One of my dream soundscapes for her is basically an album of just that, and throw in some of those Garibay/Moroder vibes.
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  19. I'm in the same boat with you there! It just sort of...limps along and doesn't go anywhere.

    My personal top 5 from Disco, in no particular order, would be: Real Groove, Supernova, Where Does the DJ Go?, Fine Wine, and Dance Floor Darling.
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