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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Someone on here described Magic as “Levitating without the budget” when it first debuted and that’s all I can hear whenever I listen to it
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  2. For me, it's the weakest of her very large catalogue of ethereal midtempos.
  3. I love how Disco has given Kylie in my view another classic singles run, shame that Dance Floor Darling isn't completing the run properly.
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  4. This being my actual Top 3, if you just removed Magic, which remains the worst song of the era for me.
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  5. My Top 3 are Say Something, Real Groove, and Dance Floor Darling. Honorable mentions have to be Miss A Thing and Supernova.
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  6. So I’m just going to pretend Starstruck is Kylies song and Olly is just the backup singer.
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  7. W2K


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  8. Same here. Certainly brought it life alot more.
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  9. I agree, so disappointing! As others have previously mentioned, I don’t know why they didn’t at least release the Infinite Disco performance as a music video. Didn’t Kylie mention it was her favourite song on the album too?

    I am still counting it as a single as it’s been released to radio.... but what was the point in them doing it without any type of proper push?! At least we technically have single covers for each song. I was looking forward to buying a vinyl single!

  10. Say Something is a great song there's no denying that, but I don't think it works on the album, it might be the placement or it might just be sonically. Magic, Miss a Thing and Real Groove is her best opening run of songs in a very long time, and are arguably the holy trinity on the album.

    I don't get the hype around Last Chance; it's a cute song but it's filler, and Dance Floor Darling also isn't one of her finer moments in my opinion
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  11. Magic, Real Groove, Last Chance

    The proper Disco trinity of perfection,
  12. Might be slightly cliche but I'd love the sonic palette for the next album to be "Say Something meets Lost Without You meets Breathe"
  13. Say Something, Real Groove and Supernova is my definitive top 3. Honorable mentions to I Love It and Where Does the DJ Go?
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  14. To me after initial reservations I feel Disco works best as a whole album. The flow is good and consistent in sound. Say Something is less “disco” but is a nice breather and is definitely a grower in terms of her singles - I notice new things all the time and it’s up there with her best leads for a campaign. I am surprised though there have been less official visuals and performance since she has been back in Oz but perhaps the reissue will remedy that? We can hope.
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  15. I Love It, Dance Floor Darling and Supernova are my top 3.
  16. Supanova at Dancefloor Darling's single treatment...
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  17. I am grateful that there is diversity in the album. My biggest fear when I heard Kylie was doing a disco album was that it was going to be an album full of basic songs like 100 Degress, So Now Goodbye and Dancefloor.

    Say Something is definitely disco and works perfectly with the flow of the album. It's the last track on Side A of the vinyl. Hearing that track 5, then flipping over to listen to Last Chance is a moment that I think is lost when heard on streaming.
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  18. Starstruck is no 19 in the U.K. midweeks, though Kylie is not credited.
  19. Same here - I remember being so relieved when I heard Say Something premier on Radio 2! I was convinced I was about to hear Your Disco Needs You part 2 and felt actually nervous that there would be a Kylie campaign that I wasn’t going to enjoy!
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  20. The funny thing is that Your Disco Needs You is not disco. Although I'd love to hear it on tour, but a disco version of it.
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