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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. The Golden club shows were great and so was the setlist!
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  2. My only problem was the Golden songs. I don't think it's an album that will hold up well in the years to come. Whereas Disco is an album I know I will be revisiting.
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  3. For me Golden is one of her best albums - I love Disco too, but I really appreciate Golden´s lyrical quality and choice of style.
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  4. Yes, Golden is great.
  5. Golden is miles ahead of Disco in every since. It shows she still had a fire in her and even though she is a legacy act, she doesn't need to rest on safe when making music. The fact it sold well shows the GP is here for that too.
  6. I feel like Golden and Disco are albums that you can just listen from start to finish. They really work as albums. I can’t say the same for a lot of her other albums really, especially in the last 20 years
  7. I prefer the storytelling of Golden, but Disco has so much more potential to be a bigger hit. If she’d done the same level of promotion for Disco as she had for Golden (especially in December) I think it would have easily outsold Golden by now. It probably will when the deluxe is released I guess.
  8. W2K


    I...really can't get on with Golden at all. It's just not for me in any way and I have no desire to listen to it again (except for Lost Without You which is a career highlight).
  9. I didn't like Golden at first but when back it over the winter lockdown (as I had a vinyl of it at my parents where I was staying) and fell completely in love with it. There is just something so comforting about it, and it was exicting to see her write so much for the album. Dancing and Stop Me From Falling are two of my favourite Kylie songs now.
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  10. I'm actually surprised she hasn't announced a small tour for Australia. It could be a way for her to test the waters for a world tour in 2022?
  11. For a tour to make money it would need to be a continuous one though. She'd need to pay for her band, dancers and production costs and to do just a few Australian dates with no guarantee of UK/European dates it wouldn't be worth it. She's pretty much guaranteed to start there though.
  12. And wouldn't blame her if so too!
  13. She won’t tour until she can go all over the usual places (Europe and Aus) and do so safely. I don’t see that happening till the end of next year.. Travel is all over the place and different places are at vastly different places in terms of vaccines and control over the virus.
  14. Magic is great! But I can definitely see a lot of it ageing poorly. Golden on the other hand will age well, in my opinion anyway.
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  15. Golden was an excellent album. A very welcome change of direction at a time when her career needed it. Dancing and Stop Me From Falling are top tier Kylie.
  16. I think with Golden and Disco, really were two excellent albums back to back.
  17. Well both Golden and Disco are my 4th/5th album rankings, respectively, from Kylie. So either way I can't lose.
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  18. I’m a firm fan of Golden. It was the refresh and reboot she needed and the actual songs are very strong regardless of whether you like the country influences or not. Disco is also a great album but for me more of a grower but with repeated listens is one of her most consistent albums so would rank highly for me too.
  19. Golden to be honest felt like the most exciting era to be part since my Kylie fandom. It felt like she really was back again, abet in a 2018 way as opposed to 2001.
  20. I'm pretty confident that tour plans are being looked at very seriously, its such an enormous income stream for her. She's spoken a lot about her love of touring, performing live and how much input she has in the creative aspects of these. With the positive reactions to the last two albums era's she and her team will be eyeing a big return to the live circuit but like some have touched on here they will want to maximise this financially, so a many date European, Aus (and maybe US) arena tour is probably the likely approach. I cant see that until at least mid 2022 at this point. The upside is when she steps back onto the the stage it will be such a moment.
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