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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Nothing at all. But more things could've been done, even without Kylie's full input.
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  2. Because Real Groove is one of the best pop tunes to be released in the last year nothing much more to get. Levitating went to #2 (okay not #1 but close) on Billboard and it's as good a pop tune as that so I rest my case, there is the logic.
  3. We didn't even need a EP worth of remixes of "Dance Floor Darling"—all that they needed to do was add the radio mix / single edit of "Dance Floor Darling" onto streaming. What's the point of commissioning a radio mix / single edit, issuing it to radio and then making it unavailable for fans to stream?
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  4. It seemed to get dropped when the Starstruck duet came out, maybe they wanted to concentrate on that.
  5. The thing is "Dance Floor Darling" had been sent to radio for quite a while before "Starstruck" was released. And although "Starstruck" is a great exercise in keeping her name out there, it does nothing to promote Disco, nor will its chart position count towards her chart success due to the way that the UK's charts work.
  6. True, but I don't think DFD would have made any difference to Disco sales. She doesn't appear to be in a position to properly promote it, unlike Olly from Years & Years. Would have been lovely as it does appear to have been pulled a little way into (miniscule) promotion. It also that it was remixed (albeit slightly) and I think we are all hankering for something new. Putting it out and not making it available for fans would have been nice. Gone are the days when a radio rip would suffice.
  7. The fact that Say Something, Real Groove and Dance Floor Darling exist should be enough to satisfy all fans that the era has been a complete success.
  8. and MAGIC.
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  9. I adore all the singles from Disco and Magic is very much a favourite all round for me.
  10. I'm personally really liking this era.
    And we are in a different time currently still. It's way more challenging for most, especially the entertainment industry.

    For example, would I have liked a more solid promo for Dance Floor Darling? Yes.

    Yet I can feel more to come. This campaign has not stopped or been abandoned. Just on a hiatus.

    I do just wish I were at the same place as Kylie right now. Australia is a great place, I love it.

    I'm just looking forward to seeing what a potential tour Disco can be. I can feel it would be a gooden already.
  11. W2K


    I meant alive for the fans to be honest. Anything is better than nothing at all.
  12. Releasing the single mix for Dance Floor Darling would have at least kept interest in the album alive a bit longer until the re-release. It wouldn't do any harm to chuck it on streaming and send a few tweets. The Olly remix is all fine and good for him, but it would help if Kylie/BMG were to add "oh BTW there's also this new mix from my record breaking #1 album" or something.
    Would it generate huge sales? Course not, but it keeps her name out there and extends the life of the album until it kicks up again. It feels a waste having the single mix and not releasing it.
  13. It did feel promised and then taken away.
  14. It's the same as the Nashville mix of Dancing, which also got shown but never released.
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  15. Ive not heard of this remix but it already sounds bad.
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  16. Another missed opportunity, they actually did a good job of adding the country elements unlike a Lifetime to Repair.
  17. They probably had a plan in place to do different promo but the whole global pandemic has put paid to it, people might say that it hasnt stopped Dua Lipa and all, they are the exception, NOT the norm.

    Kylie is one of the hardest working pop artists ever, she wouldnt just be "not bothered" about doing promo, especially an album like DISCO that has given us so much and brought a whole new energy to her fans.
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  18. The thing is Disco came out during the pandemic, not just before, like Dua Lipa's Future Nostalgia—it's not like they had an entire promo strategy planned that then fell apart because of the pandemic. This should've given her team the time to strategize about how to promote during a pandemic. Yes, Kylie doesn't have the budget that Dua has, but it's Dua's team's adaptability that has helped Future Nostalgia become as big as it is.

    It's not just Dua Lipa either—we have Jessie Ware out there releasing new music videos and promoting while heavily pregnant—and Bebe Rexha, Doja Cat and Slayyyter.
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  19. I love Dua but she doesn't appear to totally following COVID restrictions (along with other pop stars). I think there has been some taking licence with what they are allowed to do.
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  20. She's barely in them, if at all.
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