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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Sex Kylie is back, y'all.

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  2. That is of course, very welcome.
  3. I genuinely doubt that a Miley collaboration is coming. There's nothing to suggest that Kylie and Miley have worked together recently or that Miley is working on new music—Plastic Hearts has only been out for a couple of months. And I doubt that a tweet from a Miley stan account that was riddled with typos is the most trustworthy source.

    It would be great if the Disco campaign restarted soon with a new single from the re-release, but this won't be it.
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  4. First of all, “24/7 Open” is possibly the clunkiest title ever, probably made up by a non-native English speaker. Second, it feels like Kylie is a bit too eager to work with younger pop stars lately, and I don’t think the materials always up to her level: we have Dua, Years & Years, and Ga Ga in less than a year. Based on their podcast, I assumed a Jessie Ware collab on the rerelease of What’s Your Pleasure, which I think made the most sense, but must not have worked out.
  5. Kylie might be doing more collaborative projects but it all comes from a place of respect and admiration.
    Granted I hate the Olly remix but seeing her support a young queer artist was great to see and shows how much she cares about the legacy she's created and those who follow in her footsteps. Gaga and Dua have both said how much they love and look up to Kylie.
    I also fail to see how the Dua collab wasn't up to her level when it was her own song Dua hopped on?
  6. I'd always assumed that the Kylie × Jessie collaboration was intended for the Disco re-release, not for What's Your Pleasure: The Platinum Pleasure Edition.
  7. Jessie is also hard at work on her next full album so it could end up there if there's not enough time to finish it for Disco: The After Party.
  8. So it’s confirmed there is a disco rerelease…? Seems like it would be about time to start promoting that and get tour dates out there. Since she hasn’t done either, I’m a bit skeptical. I don’t see a lot of fans buying numerous expensive vinyls again so a rerelease only makes sense if there’s a tour.
  9. I do.
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  10. I expect it will done when it's ready and she's able to promote it fully, not right now because that's what we want.
  11. “Sometimes I Get Tears” is peak fan-made nonsense.
  12. The general consensus is that the rerelease will happen around the same time that tour dates are announced, for which I imagine they’re still ironing out logistics.
  13. Still makes me giggle though.
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  14. Absolutely!
  15. There's just so many layers of badness to it, you just have to admire it.
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  16. Part of me thinks a reissue will be later rather than sooner. If she wants to announce a tour too, you have to consider the fact it might be a year at the least before it'd kick off, what with all the rescheduled tours still to come. Not to mention there is a huge backlog when it comes to vinyl production right now, so unless it's been in production already it will be ages before any are made, and even longer if they do multiple formats.

    Nothing to say they can't forego the vinyl aspect, but so much of her sales come from that and it'd hinder chart placement.

    I hope to be wrong, but time will tell.
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  17. General consensus… on this forum? Haven’t heard any news of recording or booking tour venues. But yes it would make sense IF she were to do a rerelease with a tour. Just seems like things should be in motion by now.
  18. She was photographed walking into a recording studio in May. And I'm pretty sure that Alistair Norbury, the president of BMG, mentioned that a re-release of Disco was in the pipeline in his interview with Music Week.
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  19. Queens with taste.

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  20. Well, she herself said in an Australian interview that "This year, we will do a repack of 'DISCO' and that instantly gets my neurons firing".

    The tour thing is wishful thinking, if you ask me. She has said continuously that she can't wait to tour again but isn't working on one at the moment as it's all very uncertain.
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