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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Perhaps it would make more sense at this point to do a Disco residency for a few nights rather than a tour.
  2. Guess it's all just a case of wait and see still at this stage.
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  3. I would love her to do a Madame X style tour of small venues at some point soon - even if that was a GH tour (with every 5th night being deep cuts for die-hard fans).

    Wishful thinking, I know.
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  4. I could see her doing a residency at somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall. Small enough for 'intimacy' but large enough for making money and having a bit of spectacle to it.
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  5. The headless tory said the re package is done and delivered and the vinyl is in production as we speak
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  6. The desire to know what's on it is exciting. Even track names without hearing them sends some of us into a spin.
  7. Indeed, bring it on! The joy of new Kylie music.
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  8. The string of social media posts with flashbacks to her previous shows is a very obvious hint of imminent tour announcement.
  9. Honey’s cooking x
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  10. Optimistically, we'd get a tour in Spring next year. Realistically, next summer.
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  11. Yeah it looks like she’s getting ready to announce the tour based on her Instagram, and they’ll probably come with the announcement of the re-release. Exciting!
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  12. Eek getting excited now
  13. I really hope I'm wrong but I don't feel the Instagram posts are strong enough hint for a tour.
  14. The posts are just celebrating the Hyde Park show aren’t they? It’d be nice for a tour tease but I’m not going to expect anything from it.
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  15. Not that I want to add to conspiracy theories, or get my own hopes up, but Steve Anderson has been posting lots of tour memories too.

    I read somewhere the Disco repackage would be announced in July so it might not be long until we know more.
  16. Feels like tour news is definitely in the air.

    I’m wondering if there will be a limited number of shows to limit disruption in case of cancellations/ postponements/covid catastrophes. We know the #lovers have no chill.
  17. Yes, or a one off gig at Hyde park again as she loved it last time, it means its just the ONE venue and dont have to worry about cancelling an entire tour.
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  18. I hope not. She does have fans outside of the UK.
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  19. It's not realistic to expect a full on Kylie tour at the moment, so if she does do a few one off gigs or a small residency to give us a taste of what a Disco Tour would be like then so be it. It'd also give Kylie and her team a good idea of how to navigate concerts in a post COVID world.
    It's like some people expect it to be simple. Kylie would need to follow much stricter rules and restrictions now. Not to mention trying to hire a band and dancers etc who would be available for the dates of the tour, and also the venues.

    Baby steps are better than nothing. And lets face it, the UK is her main market now so it makes sense to base things here.
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