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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Crossing borders presents a logistical difficulty with regards to having a crew of around 50 people minimum getting from one country into the next, especially while restrictions fluctuate. Just doing a UK round trip is a much simpler task than crossing borders and potentially having to cancel shows because a restriction has suddenly been flung up.

    It's the reason why Alanis had to cancel her Canadian shows - it looks bad for her, but the reality is that she's the sole Canadian on the payroll, everyone else in the crew is US-based. It's much more simple for her to isolate for a couple of weeks before the tour and only route it around the US.
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  2. Now things are a bit crap but I don't expect any Kylie concert until 2022, when things will hopefully be better. I've already got my tickets to see The Weeknd in November 2022 and I'd imagine Kylie would be considering something around that time frame too, second half of next year.
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  3. Has any other artist of Kylie’s touring stature (like arena level) announced tours recently? Those size of venues are super backed up at the moment so I’d be very surprised if she could book anything the first half of 2022.
  4. God hasn’t announced anything, no.
  5. Alanis did announce dates though?


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  6. The Weeknd has his 2022 tour and it's a proper global tour (Europe and USA). And it's selling well, with multiple dates in places in cities.
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  7. Best post ever quite possibly.
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  8. I don't see announcing a 2022 tour as being out of the question, given COVID. A lot of artists are selling tickets now for 2022 tours. If things get bad again, they can just delay it. My only concern is that since so many 2020 gigs have been rescheduled for 2022, it would probably be hard to book venues if they haven't started anything yet. I am not getting my hopes up. It seems like waiting until 2023 to tour Disco is a bit of a stretch - many artists at her level would be on to a new album campaign by then.
  9. Jack Savoretti's new album is the exact kind of soundscape I want from Kylie. More emphasis on "real" instruments but with an electro/disco edge too.

    I can really hear her on Dancing In The living Room, Secret Life and Each And Every Moment.
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  10. "Who's Hurting Who" is a bop. I need Kylie to work with Nile Rodgers again before this era ends.

    Imagine working with Nile Rodgers in the past and not re-collaborating with him when you release an album titled Disco.
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  11. I remember hoping for/looking forward to more Giorgio Moroder productions when Disco was first announced. Instead we got... Sky Adams. Ew.
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  12. Nile seemed like an obvious person to get in contact with, shame.
    When Jack Savoretti becomes more of a Disco Diva than Kylie Minogue.....*I jest*

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  13. We should count our blessings, whether we loved Disco or not because it could be a lot worse.

    She's turned homophobic, as evidenced by the fact she's on the new Ed Sheeran album.
  14. Kylie threw the first brick at the gayz.
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  15. The collaboration sounds really organic—she's providing background vocals on a track that Ed wrote as a tribute for their shared mentor who recently passed away.

    Even if Kylie went all in and had Ed pen her a new single, I don't necessarily think that it'd be a bad thing. He did co-write Jessie Ware's "Say You Love Me," Major Lazer's "Cold Water," Rita Ora's "Your Song" and Zara Larsson's "Don't Let Me Be Yours."
  16. You forgot the most important one

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  17. Now that I know that Jack Savoretti is capable of bops, I'm disappointed that his collaboration with Kylie was on a ballad.
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  18. Music's Too Sad is one of my all time favourite Kylie songs so I am glad we got it, but I really want another duet with Jack. Her soft voice against his gruff voice? Heavenly. C'mon Jack, get her to hop on a remix of one of the bops on this album. Or record a whole new bop for Disco 2: Through The Gloryhole.
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  19. I love the drama of this thread from Kylie doing backing vocals.

    That said, Ed Sheeran’s music is terrible.
  20. Not an Ed fan at all, but will wait and see.
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