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Kylie Minogue - DISCO: Guest List Edition

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. She has a new Pinot Noir out. All I can think of is Titus.
  2. Why all the hate for Ed Sheeran, He is a big global music star regardless of whether we like his music or not.
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  3. I don't personally hate him but hate his music. The song with Kylie's backing vocals on it is probably something I'll listen to once out of curiosity and not revisit again.
  4. I was in Zara and they played "Monday Blues" and "Dancefloor" back to back and the former sounded much worse than I remembered and the latter sounded much better in comparison.
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  5. Monday Blues is just such a like...Kiss Me Once bonus track?
  6. Monday Blues has grown on me but I would still have preferred Fine Wine in its place.
  7. Okay, they just played the Studio 2054 remix of "Real Groove" and it still sounds like a smash that got away.
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  8. Sleeping With The Enemy and Mr. President, SWEETIES, I'M SO SORRY!
  9. Just played the Real Groove remix Ep, this song truly is something special and boasts some of her best ever remixes too boot.
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  10. Monday Blues is an abomination.
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  11. I don't mind both (they are not definitely not their respective albums' highlights) but they've gone for an interesting run of songs.
  12. Monday Blues is great fun.
  13. Don't mind it at all either.
  14. If you're into masochism maybe.
  15. Fine Wine single artwork confirmed.

  16. Ha! Looks beautiful though.
  17. I love the Infinite Disco version of Monday Blues don't @ me.
  18. It's what made it click for me. See below for my reaction to the hate it receives.

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  19. I love Monday Blues, it's such a great jolt of energy after the opening trio and sets us up for the galactic trip that is Supernova. I love the fact that she still puts these off kilter tracks on her albums knowing they'll get dragged (Loveboat, Nu-di-ty, Better Than Today, I Was Gonna Cancel...)
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  20. I'd hardly consider "I Was Gonna Cancel" off-kilter, especially when "Mr. President" and "Sexercize" are on the same album. "I Was Gonna Cancel" felt like such a standard Kylie track, imo—it could've been a Cutfather production and I wouldn't have blinked an eye.
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