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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Don’t think so, a re-release probably wouldn’t impact Kylie’s chances of no 1 though.
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  2. There are rumors, but a re-release probably isn’t going to bother Kylie much unless they actively push it
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  3. If Disco Symphony surfaces then the only saving grace is that she may switch Kids out for it on the tour.
  4. In that case...
  5. Step Back in Time is quickly climbing up the iTunes and Amazon charts based on the online hype alone. Will be interesting to see how it does after her promo tomorrow. This is why it was a good idea to release an updated GH last year - to take advantage of Glastonbury, but also to take advantage of when there’s Kylie hype but no obvious product to buy (I.e. now and over the next few months!)
  6. Where in Oz are you? The pre-order at 00:01BST is 9am Sydney time.
  7. Also, do we know the fonts for the 'Kylie' and 'Disco' logos?
  8. ‘Kylie’ seems to be a custom made logo by Studio Moross.
  9. So it looks like the album photoshoot was done at Kylie's house and not with "different sets" like was speculated before. Unless we've only been shown teasers so far.
  10. That red sweater pic is fab. J’adore the Fever throwback!

    Sound gayer, shrimpy. Can you?
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  11. Aww thank you!!
  12. Does anyone know if it's being released globally at midnight BST? Or do I have to wait for midnight in my local time?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw that it's premiering on a radio show tomorrow
  13. The song isn’t coming out until 8:30am BST on Thursday
  14. I wonder if this will be another album full of Kylie co-writes.
  15. SBK


    I was wondering this too, she seemed pretty confident off the back of Golden, but I'm not sure her personal writing style really suits "disco"... Guess we'll find out soon enough....
  16. I need a Kylie cover pronto.
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  17. I can imagine Kylie wanting to show off her voice and doing Last Dance during the tour. I wouldn't mind if they did a medley of disco classics, perhaps a bit like 'songs that inspired the album'.
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  18. This reminds me so much of the red look in Red Blooded Woman.
    Love me some Bangs Kylie.
  19. So pre-order will be on her website at midnight BST?
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