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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

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  2. Imagine if "Disco Symphony" is this era's "Kids" and becomes her biggest hit this decade, destined to be played alongside "Kids" during every tour until the end of time.
  3. I don't know if I love or hate the album cover? My opinion on it changes hourly.

    The single is sleazy and trashy and new wave and me likey.
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  4. No
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  6. Just replace Robbie.
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  7. Queen of lockdown productivity! She's been doing some mixing and mastering herself as well, hasn't she?
  8. If we're counting 2000 as the 90s, Spinning Around outsold Kids. If it's the 2000s, Can't Get You Out Of My Head eclipsed it. I think Kylie just likes Kids.
  9. I swear I’ll never understand why so many fans hate “Kids” so much. It’s really not that bad.
  10. It has a guitar in it.
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  11. It's fine, but she does it at every concert and it's hardly a Kylie classic that she needs to perform. That's my only problem with it, it's not as good as her other hits but she will always prioritize it over them.
  12. I just don't care for it, and it sticks out like a sore thumb on Light Years--an album I already think is a bit spotty.

    And yeah, the devotion she seems to give it is unwarranted in my opinion.
  13. I think Kylie fans hate the song because it doesn't sound like a Kylie song. It sounds like a Robbie song that Kylie features on. Its very him. I don't hate the song but its not a stand out for me in her discography.
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  14. Kids and Ray of Light are those “for the straight boyfriends in the audience into rock!!!” songs that need to fuck off!
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  15. If you’ve ever seen Kylie do Kids live in person, you’ll know why she does it. Goes down a storm, full of energy and clearly a hoot to perform.
  16. Excuse you, "Ray of Light" the song is in an entirely different class.

    Though, yes, M's insistence on making it mediocre on tour is very frustrating. Give us the sunny rave masterpiece it actually is.
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  17. According to Smooth Radio (!), it is produced by Biff and features the lyrics:

    "We’re a million miles apart in a thousand ways… Love is love it never ends, can we all be as one again?"
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  18. Bop!
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  19. After seeing her live for the first time in March, Kids does pop off a bit in person.
    But not nearly enough to warrant a spot in every single tour. There are so many classics or hidden gems that I'm sure fans would enjoy more.
    She hasn't touched Let's Get To It songs in like, almost 30 years now? It's time.
  20. I cant actually believe in the year 2020 I am staying up until midnight to pre order the new Kylie album (that no one expected until 2021)! Lets just hope we don't have 6 cassette variants?!

    Maybe a boxset like KMO got....

    Knowing Ms. Minogue, we will get a Picture Disc, a colour vinyl, a black vinyl, a book bound CD, and 5 cassettes.

    Hoping for a test pressing thats signed if she is following the same as she did with Golden
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