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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Is that a digipak? Or a little book?
  2. It looks like a little book to me.
  3. Item title/description:
    DISCO (Limited Edition Colour Transparent Turquoise Vinyl) [Amazon Exclusive] [VINYL]
  4. Limited Edition Deluxe CD featuring four bonus tracks and media book that includes additional photography and lyrics.
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  6. That’s not what I see. But I’m on mobile, maybe it’s different.

    Either way I’ve pre-ordered everything on Amazon.

    EDIT: oh wait, there or two Vinyls on Amazon.

    DISCO (Limited Edition Colour Transparent Turquoise Vinyl) [Amazon Exclusive] [VINYL]

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  7. The vinyl covers are an improvement but I'm obsessed with that red image so did a mock up:

  8. So you're not waiting for a signed disco ball or an exclusive strobe lamp? Shame on you!
  9. That really was her best logo!
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  10. You know I shall be cancelling these Amazon orders as soon as that becomes available.
  11. @Team Kylie how about a webstore-exclusive "by demand" vinyl variant with this cover? Please and thank you.
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  12. With the styling of this album I'm expecting a special edition for reel-to-reel tape players.

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  13. What about an 8-track? Let's bring that format back!
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  14. I want a video collection on Laserdisc.
  15. I want the album on floppy disks.
  16. The CD version is not on Amazon yet?
  17. The standard and deluxe are both up.
  18. And who am I to disappoint?! Pre ordered! Will still check out the Kylie store later on, of course...
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  19. Is this the official Kylie store which will be updated tonight? I need to be on my game if I’m going to snatch a test pressing (assuming they have them!)
  20. Yes.
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