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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Well I spent two minutes on photoshop because it's therapeutic as fuck and put together something even worse than the official cover nn but then again I will say it's supposed to be bad.


    The pixels! The saturation!
  2. On Zoe Ball’s Instagram story she’s said that Kylie’s giving them the ‘first radio play’ of Say Something, not ‘world premiere’ like Dancing had, so it seems like we’re getting the song at midnight.
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  3. I miss when Deluxe Editions had different artwork and not just a different font colour
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  4. Agreed - I have always loved that about the Madonna releases (Rebel Heart, Madame X etc).
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  5. I'm hoping there will be a super deluxe bundle again with everything in it, I know some people love the cassettes, but they can truly fuck off.
  6. I´m here for a super deluxe edition and just one type of cassette this time around, please.
    Really hope there will also be a picture disc vinyl and a physical format for the single.
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  8. I wonder if the full tracklist and press release will be available like Golden, or if she’s going to save it for later.
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  9. A tracklist/credits reveal is always such a treat.
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  10. Can’t remember seeing this posted...

    Some lyrics from the song in the following article:

    ‘Produced by long-time collaborator Biff Stannard, the disco-tinged song features lyrics suited for 2020: "We’re a million miles apart in a thousand ways… Love is love it never ends, can we all be as one again?"’
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  12. I like this a lot (it's very Love At First Sight) but ddd @ the light flare looking like a snowflake when I can feel it in my bones that DISCO: Christmas Edition will almost certainly be happening at some point
  13. So Kylie and I love.
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  14. I heard a midnight release, let’s see x
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  15. @BMG gimme some money I'm poor!
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  16. I'm in NZ so it'll be11am here.
  17. I've tried to be clever with product numbers on the Kylie store but I could be here for till gone midnight at this rate!
  18. So sad I missed the pre-order for this exclusive:
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