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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. This track list was posted on Facebook, unsure if it’s real but here it is anyway.

    01. Disco (Intro)
    02. Heartbreaker
    03. Come On
    04. Should Have Been You
    05. Harmonize
    06. Say Something
    07. Been Here Before
    08. Always Gonna Be You
    09. Now’s the Time
    10. Friday Night
    11. Kaleidoscope
    12. Fix This Thing
    13. I Still Feel It
    14. On Your Level
    15. Hesitate
    16. Where Love Finds You
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  2. It screams fan made
  3. Yeah I don’t hold up much hope, but I remember when the Kiss Me Once tracklist leaked early and everybody was like “they’ll never release an album with 3 songs called Sexy Love, Sexercise and Les Sex” and that didn’t turn out well so...
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  4. I think it's amazing that we're getting our first new Kylie song for the 2020s tomorrow. As well as her first for her FIFTH decade in music! Legend.
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  5. I feel X track lists coming up....
  6. I know! I can’t believe how quick it’s come round. It’s like Christmas Eve!
  7. Agreed. I suspect all 5 different cassette versions of Step Back in Time will get discounted shortly...
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  8. I mean...these are all very Kylie so if it's fake, they did a pretty great job nn
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  9. SBK


    One cassette is fine, but Step back in time was excessive. The ones thst came with the bundle i bought went straight into storage.
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  10. My favourite Kylie cassette was the Golden Christmas edition that had nothing new other than a festive message from her and it still sold out.

    Our capitalist queen.
  11. Cassettes are just so useless.
  12. You are right.

    1. 2 Hearts
    2. Like a Drug
    3. In My Arms
    4. Speakerphone
    5. Sensitized
    6. Heart Beat Rock
    7. The One
    8. No More Rain
    9. All I See
    10. Stars
    11. Wow
    12. Nu-Di-Ty
    13. Cosmic

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  15. The cassettes helped her to get another #1 so I couldn’t care less if she sold more of these. Heck, sell a HitClip version, too, of Say Something for the nostalgia.
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  16. Need a Say Something 7" Vinyl. I don't even know how the song goes, but I need it in my life. Plus add in a Cassette, Mini-Disc, Napster Download Code, and CD 1& 2 edition as well.
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  17. The Dancing vinyl helped the song get its top 40 position on album release week, so hopefully they will time it similarly this time around.
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  18. This is getting closer and my anxiety is worst.
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  19. Been Here Before... as in Light Years and Fever??? Ddd
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Someone has probs already posted it but I'm in no way going through every page, I hope Say Something bangs nearly half as much as this

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