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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Maybe she will release an USB edition like for X. I know it is almost as useless but at least it will be cute.
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  2. Exactly, they are chart boosters, we know you sold your Walkman huns.
  3. Funnily enough, Karen's first TV performance was of "What Do I Have to Do".

    Her prescience!
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  4. Are we sure Marina didn't co-pen this?
  5. I'm normally in bed by now, but I've just made myself a coffee, put on a Dolly documentary on Netflix (and Kylie pops up in the first five minutes!) constantly refreshing everything.

    Thought about setting an alarm but you just know it'll all go live at 10 minutes to or something.

    What other stores are likely to have exclusive vinyl? HMV?
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  6. I mean people are joking about an 8-Track but Mark Ronson’s album last year was released on it (and minidisc) as limited editions of 30 so it’s not out of the question completely!
  7. HMV and a few foreign equivalents such as FNAC will probably have an exclusive one, maybe some Indie stores.
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  8. I'm guessing JB-Hifi in AU & NZ will have an exclusive so keeping my eyes on their website.
  9. Hopefully everyone on this forum has at least pre-saved the song to help get it onto popular playlists.
    More than 80% of "sales" come from streaming and unless she makes it onto popular playlists it's reach is going to be limited.
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  10. I really doubt anyone expects this to find a home on many playlists or do anything except sell the album and spend one week at #55, however good it is
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  11. We all thought the same of Dancing and look what happened there.
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  12. What's your point? I never said "pre-saving" is going to make the song go no.1. So why pooh-pooh my suggestion?

    As a fan of Kylie I want to help spread the song's reach as far as possible and "pre-saving" is a free, easy and quick way to do it.
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  13. OK, it's up! GO GO GO!
  14. Pre-order is live folks.
  15. I got the test pressing I think.

    I knew she'd do this though. I'm glad I didn't go to bed and set an alarm!
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  16. Thunderclap campaign, where are ye at
  17. I really hope the song is a hit to prove you can have hit after years on the industry.
  18. It's all basically the exact same stuff as Golden.
  19. Sadly Thunderclap is no more. So obviously this campaign is doomed. “:/“
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  20. Ooh, another new photo from the shoot:
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