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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Can't believe that people are ready to part with this much money for 5 copies of the same album in this economy. Kudos to her team!
  2. Oh I actually like the logo without a glow around it!
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  3. Ddd drag me! I got the same bundle I got for Golden: vinyl, CD in nice book/case and cassette. For whatever reason, she makes “collecting” fun.
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  4. That's actually alright, different formats and all! The ones with three cassettes or two vinyl, two CD etc. are so pointless. Cries in Mother Earth.
  5. I mean, in this depressing time some people look for the light, and if that light is supporting an artist they love, and want to add to their music collection then who are we to judge them? It's their money. For me, seeing Kylie do well makes me happy and I love displaying my various formats, i get a real buzz seeing my collections grow and it takes me away from the crappy situation the world is in.
  6. I think it’s a pretty good selection, the only thing missing is a picture disc and a Say Something vinyl.
  7. Too bad there's not a vinyl-sized version of the deluxe album book like with Golden!
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  8. I wonder if the blue vinyl is an indies exclusive and not HMV exclusive as nothing about it on the HMV website suggests it’s exclusive?
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  9. I will buy deluxe edition and that is it for me.

    I adore her but she's not Goldfrapp - they are my favourite.
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  10. She's picking up the Björk spirit.
  11. I wonder if there'll be a Japan edition with exclusive bonus tracks again, considering both Kiss Me Once and Golden had one.
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  12. I really hope not. Region-specific bonus cuts are such a nightmare.
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  13. The first Golden cassette was a website exclusive too but I bought mine on Amazon. I hate the book style deluxe so I will buy everything on Amazon. The vinyl is also more beautiful than that boring clear one.
  14. I really hope so - it´s always fun to pick up these extra releases with bonus tracks.
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  15. Neither Amazon, HMV or the webstore are letting me ship to Brazil. Yas!
  16. Missed the test pressing but $191? I'M GOOD.

    The Amazon vinyl is actually the best one. I'll snag that later.
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  17. It's likely, though I think it'll just be remixes.
  18. It was the same for Step Back in Time, it fixed in a few hours! Guessing the same will happen now!
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  19. I went for the £40 bundle, but just deciding whether to go for the Amazon turquoise vinyl, or the HMV Transparent Blue vinyl. They both look really nice!

    Might wait for a while and see how I feel!
  20. [​IMG]
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