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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Genuine question. What does having multiple hooks and less focus on the chorus have to do with streaming? Sorry, I think I am old and missing something!
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  2. pdf


    I tell you, this place is exhausting at times
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  3. Imagine if we got a generic drop like Stupid Love in place of a chorus, and the song cut off without us ever getting the love is love hook......

  4. What does it matter if there is or isn’t a chorus? It’s bloody brilliant regardless.

    The thing I love most about it is that it doesn’t give you everything you think you wanted but instead gives you everything you never knew you needed.

    It’s an absolute triumph.
  5. Bop!
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  6. Streaming (or more specifically the way users stream) generally favours shorter songs, multiple hooks dotted throughout, tempo or energy changes mid-song, things that get people wanting to replay. Some pop girls are now putting out songs that last 2 minutes or so because of this. It's all about having elements that people want to replay, and often that doesn't lend itself to a 'traditional' verse/chorus/bridge structure.
  7. Agreed. Its really doesnt matter when the end result is such a euphoric shot in the arm. And despite the no chorus debate it seems to be cutting through. Can we all just agree to disagree on this one? Sure most of us agree the end result is the same? Its a fastastic song. Sometimes pop that doesnt play by the prescribed rules just works.
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  8. So the lyric video is really good.
  9. I actually can't tell if this is serious or not because it's such an odd take. But anyway.
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  10. Some of you are UPSET it doesn't sound like a Steps single from 2000? I have to fucking LAUGH
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  11. Something is going to be going on with touring next year whether that’s back to normal me it’s 1/3 capacity venues or whatever but capital won’t keep those venues closed passed Christmas.
  12. I don't see Kylie touring until it's totally safe to do so, plus 2021 will be so packed with tours that were meant to be taking part this year.

    The album era might be long over but it'll still be a success.
  13. The financials won't make sense for venues to open at 1/3 capacity, particularly for big acts like Kylie. She'll wait til things are back to normal.

    The good thing is she can sell an arena tour without any album/era hype, so it shouldn't affect her ticket sales.
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  14. I've been saying this for months. There's gonna be so many rescheduled tours next year, god help anybody trying to book a new one and get anywhere near ideal routing due to venue availability, and the fact that people only have so much money to spend.
  15. I’m still going to be surprised if the entire concert industry stalls passed a full year. Different countries will be different for but the tories are going to let a few more thousand die to keep Live Nation in business and that’s terrible but I can see it.
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  16. Kylie is also totally the kind of artist who would happily do a live stream from her garden. Anti Tour from her B&Q deck.
  17. We should all be breathing a sigh of relief they didn’t go that route. The worms on the brain though.
  18. I'm sure the government would open arenas tomorrow if they could get away with it, but no tour is going to be able to get insurance.

    Not only is the potential for your audience to catch COVID terrible (not just on a moral level, but imagine the headlines if there was a massive spread at one of your shows), but every member of the crew would be at risk too. If one person caught it, you'd have to shut down for two weeks and that's just not possible for a tour.
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  19. I wish she dropped some merch alongside the pre-orders.
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  20. We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree!
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