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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. At first I was like "Who are you? What have you done with the real @Verandi?"
    But there you are, haha.
  2. ‘Say Something’ is incredible. Leave it to Kylie to save 2020
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  3. SBK


    100% would buy a ticket.
  4. My list of best intro singles:

    1. Confide In Me
    2. Better The Devil You Know
    3. Dancing
    4. I Should Be So Lucky
    5. All The Lovers
    6. Say Something
    7. Slow
    8. Can´t Get You Out Of My Head
    9. Spinning Around
    10. Into The Blue
    11. 2 Hearts
    12. What Kind Of Fool
    13. Flower
    14. I Believe In You
    15. Some Kind Of Bliss
    16. Only You
    17. Hand On Your Heart
    18. At Christmas
    19. Word Is Out
    20. New York City
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  5. SBK


    I think its meant to be an exclusive somewhere.

    A tour will almost certainly happen at some point, even if its another summer one outdoors next year.

    She was asked yesterday and she did say they'd have to wait, so they're probably not planning on announcing a 2021 arena show this side of xmas, unless something changes in the near future.

    There's no rush anyway, if anything a break from touring might do her ticket sales the world of good when she announces she's touring again, especially if Disco is a hit.
  6. Say Something is exquisite. The rich production and bizarre structure make it seem longer and more expansive than it actually is, and still I can't stop playing it. That guitar loop is a hook in and of itself.
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  7. This!! I think it feels like such a long track. I don’t get “disco” vibes at all, but it’s so dream like. Gorgeous.
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  8. I was worried that I was just living in the glow *New Kylie* but I’m happy to report that the song still sounds amazing 36 hours later. It’s right up there with her other dreamy-pop moments.
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  9. Just heard Say Something and it's AMAZING
  10. Say Something already feels like a real Kylie classic and one we'll be enjoying for years to come.
  11. I'm a flop cause I have never heard of her growing up and I've only realized that she's HUGE like 5 years ago. I've heard a few singles here and there and I think it's time for me to dive into her DISCOgraphy
  12. Oh my god. Diving into Kylie's back cat properly for the first time will be such a treat - only Madonna would be more exciting. She's done so much outside of her albums too, random collabs with people nobody has ever heard of that are forgotten even by the fanbase. And so many of her albums (especially '90-'10) were great and chock full of classics.

    I would recommend starting with Light Years and going forwards from there for "dance-pop Kylie", and starting with Rhythm of Love for pre-2000 pop/indie Kylie, and then working either back or forwards.
  13. Imagine being able to listen to Kylie’s discography for the first time again, whew!
  14. Who are these friends that people have that dissect lyrics and chorus? It either clicks with people or it doesn't, that's the chat I have with my friends about songs. It does take a few listens for the casual listener so I guess radio support, playlist support is crucial.
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I think this will grow on me massively, I don't know that it was an instant click for me because there's so much packed into the track.
  16. I listened to a preview of Say Something on iTunes yesterday before its release and didn’t think anything of it but when it came on when I put the New Music Friday playlist on I instantly remembered it and thought bop I was however convinced it was Allie X singing or a new Post Precious song.

    I even had to look on Wikipedia to see if Allie had written the track I have looked over a few pages and not noticed anyone making a comparison maybe it’s just me.

    I have always seen myself as a casual Kylie Minogue fan and always had a huge soft spot for “Impossible Princess” and I don’t think she has ever released anything I haven’t thought was a bop so maybe I am more than a causal Stan
  17. Indeed, lucky, lucky, lucky and then some!
  18. I'm liking the album cover a bit more after seeing these other visuals and how it fits in with them. Kate Moross said there's more to come as the campaign progresses in response to someone on Instagram and they were even taking suggestions on what merchandise people would like to see.
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  19. I LOVE your avatar!
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