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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Perhaps it's too late for him to submit something for Disco, but I do hope that Kylie and her team approach SG Lewis to create a single mix for one of Disco's future singles.
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  2. I hope we get a video as iconic as this...or at least close to it.
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  3. I would love for them to get him on board in some way. A remix or single edit would be fantastic.
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  4. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    There’s no reason to not allow discussion about SayHey, since it very usefully weeds out people who don’t get the tone around here and have views that range from general quackery to outright hate.

    If those reading the thread feel they fall somewhere in that range, they can take this as a gentle push from me to head back over there.
  5. If your on SayHey and you know the things that are being said don’t apply to you then don’t stress. I’m on SayHey and it is a hellscape. If your getting that stressed out about people calling it out maybe there’s a reason...
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  6. Indeed, really looking forward to it. Hopefully it'll be this week.
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  7. I'm hoping the video will be this week, already thirsty for more content.

    Can't believe we still have months to go! I feel like we knew a lot more about Golden at this stage?
  8. Yes we did I think, we had the lead single with video and track list of the album too. Still, am sure we'll get more soon!
  9. Remember that "Dancing" leaked early, which led to a scramble to catch up and replace the content that was planned to be put out in stages and that meant there was a sort of noticable quiet patch in campaign momentum.

    "Say Something" has the benefit of being managed in line with the teams plans from the start. I'd expect there to be the video, then remixes put out regularly unti they move onto single #2 and ramp up for the album.
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  10. The audacity of saying this when Kylie herself had borrowed from/collaborated with artists from other cultures in the past (Towa Tei/her geisha look, that Bollywood cameo, and yes, even country to an extent). Worms.
  12. This video made ten year old me incredibly thirsty even if I didn’t fully understand why yet. Queen.
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  13. I guess I just feel it's more relevant to the general thread rather than the new album thread. A majority seems to think otherwise though so I'll give it a rest and move on.
  14. So Say Something continues to be bloody wonderful doesn’t it girls
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  15. I hope she is asked if there are going to be any collaborations on the new album. I'm dying to know that.
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  16. Right! I remember some vague rumors of her team reaching out to someone but nothing more.
  17. HMD


    This would be quite a feat. Slow <3
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  18. I’d love more ‘left field’ features than really big names. Bring the likes of Rina, instead of Madonna or Robbie
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  19. She’s been mentioning Jessie and Rina quite a bit lately (and the reverse) so here’s hoping something comes of it. With three months to go there’s plenty of time to pull a Gente De Zona and rework one of the tracks she already has. They’re both artists I’d kill to see her work with.
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  20. NINA or Jessie Frye would be awesome features, too
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