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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. WOW. What a absolute BOP! Do you believe in magic? When you have magic like this Kylie, I certainly do.
  2. I’m obsessed.
  3. That moment when you're halfway across the world, decide to check PJ before sleeping, and realize you've managed to fluke your way to your first live radio Kylie bop debut. Incredible.
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  4. Nice laidback disco throwback. Nothing special but the middle eight and extended instrumental finale are sweet touches.
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  5. Oh, I like this! Such a sing-along chorus. She sounds wonderful.
  6. HMD


    ACE! Can’t wait for the vídeo!
  7. 2/2 for me so far
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  8. I will grow to like it because it’s Kylie but feeling very underwhelmed on first listen.
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  9. This is definitely more of the disco I imagined when she announced the album. It's catchy, she sounds gorgeous, and I especially liked the bridge into the last chorus. I need to hear the high quality version on airpods but I pass final judgement.
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  10. Kylie’s on Steve Wright’s show tomorrow afternoon, BBC Radio 2.
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  11. I feel it might be best to watch the video and it may click with more people. One of those tracks. Perhaps.
  12. W2K


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  13. I love it. It feels classic and breezy and it’s more instant for me than Say Something (the lack of a chorus in Say Something threw me off initially).

    Can’t wait for the video.
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  14. Absolutely incredible, the production and melody are lush as fuck. Sounding anything like Chained To the Rhythm can only be a positive thing tbh!
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  15. It’s cute, I bopped, but it’s a bit more throwaway than I’d like. Say Something just has miles more personality and exuberance. nice enough.
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  16. It's very shimmery and bright, it just warms the heart. Thank you Kylie.
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  17. Ok yes. Sounds much fuller, warmer, more dynamic. The bass is deeper than the radio play suggested which gives it a strut.

    The lyrics have their moments, but overall they let the song down the most.
  18. It's... fine. Not a single goosebump and certainly no Say Something gay tears.

    The second half of the chorus is pretty weak.
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  19. Now this is good! More what I expected for a single from a album called “Disco”.
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  20. Why is Say Something added at the end? Is it now a B-Side? Ha.
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