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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. "Magic" is a lot more retro-leaning than I was expecting, tbh.
  2. Magic has grown on me way faster than Say Something did and I can see myself coming back to this one a lot! Great job, Kylie!
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  3. This is a groove, I fucking love it. The Chained to The Rhythm mention was apt.
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  4. I absolutely LOVE this - love the laid back vibe of it and she sounds fantastic. It sounds like old school Kylie and I can't get enough. The piano line on it reminds me of a sped up Head First by Goldfrapp. So excited for the album now.
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  5. I am so pleased we are getting the video too later. Wasn't expecting that.
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  6. Not there being 3 versions of this currently charting on iTunes. It’s around no 3 in the U.K. when combined.
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  7. It’s a bop! I love the chorus.

    I know we still have 14 tracks to hear but I’m thoroughly relieved that nothing so far has been in the vein of ultra-camp ultra-kitsch disco like I was dreading for this album.
  8. This would have been relegated to b-side status in the Fever era, like Say Something it’s nice enough but it’s not single material to these ears.

    I would really appreciate one new Kylie song ‘in the vein of ultra-camp ultra-kitsch disco‘. I’m not asking for the world, the last Kylie banger was Million Miles for me. I do understand that four-on-the-floor bangers are passé these days, everyone seems to want smooth disco now.

    I enjoyed the song on first listen but not as much as I loved Say Something. I'm sure it'll grow on me, though. Her vocal delivery reminded me of Golden (album).
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  10. I believe in Magic.
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  11. This is the one.
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  12. Absolutely adore this and as it's been said, Say Something playing after sounds even more incredible

  13. And galactic disco has dissapear. In fact, "Say Something" and "Magic" almost seem songs of different albums.
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  14. Maybe Disco will be another X with songs sounding very very different.
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  15. Just a video preview on Lorraine, it looks great!
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  16. There's no reason why "Magic" and "Say Something" couldn't co-exist on the same album. I mean, "More More More" and "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" co-existed on the same album.

    I agree with whoever said that "Magic" gives them more album track vibes than big single vibes, but maybe it'll all make sense when I watch the video.
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  17. I hope there's dancers in that chorus.
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  18. There is!
  19. It’s a very cute bop.
  20. Looking forward to it!!
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