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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I really enjoy this. It's a different step to Say Something, has a more conventional pop sound but maintains that overall Disco feel. Her voice sounds wonderful on it and she really bring that overall Kylie charisma to the track. It's a winner baby!
  2. Sam


    Say Something is better
  3. Cute. An album track.
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  4. The video clip is gorgeous. I don't think people will be disappointed. It looks pure Kylie class.
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  5. It’s ok. Doesn’t hold a candle to Say Something but pleasant to listen to at points.
  6. Christ. This is more useless than a B-side.
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  7. W2K


    The best thing about this song is how cute it looks in the Music app on my iPhone with the single artwork.
  8. I'm not sure I like it, yet. It sounds like a Golden reject with a bit of disco glitter on it.

    Hope it grows on me but 'Say Something' was/is a masterpiece in comparison.
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  9. This is such an instant triumph. Magical.
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  10. She’s being interviewed on an Australian radio show and I’ve had to sit through Ed Sheeran, Kygo and now Justin Bieber and honestly...homophobia.
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  11. Magic is top notch, and so is Say Something. Kylie is going from strength to strength.
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  12. The interview was OK.
    Lebanese food and some song/producer that Ash London thought was on the album - but isn't.
    Do your homework Ash London! Lame!
  13. I was going to say that considering how much of the album she co-wrote, it's interesting that "Magic" was one of the few submissions that she accepted. But then I saw that the credits were updated and she did co-write "Magic," which means that there's only one track on Disco that she didn't co-write—the Fiona Bevan and Troy Miller track.
  14. Clip from the video

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  15. Liberty X - Just A Little vibes.
  16. I'll hold out judgment until the full video but Sophie, sis, those camera angles... wyd?
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  17. Category is: Gandalf realness. Looks decent enough, though! Always nice to see Kylie dance.

    Edit: those overlays are... a choice.
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  19. It's effortless. Not as up- tempo as probably most expected, but so enjoyable! Also, pleasantly surprised at how current and cohesive she's managed to make the disco sound with both songs. The album cover seems slightly misleading in that sense. Everything seems promising regarding the album.
  20. I absolutely love the trumpets in the music and the little ‘whoop’ on the final chorus.

    The chorus is so damn catchy without being too cheesy I think

    It really builds throughout the song and is quite euphoric toward the end.

    Another serve from Miss Minogue.

    Do you... believe... in magic?
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