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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Magic isn't very magical for me. I can't remember much about it at all after multiple listens. It's just very meh.

    Say Something is one of my favourite songs of the year though and is top tier Kylie for me.
  2. If Kylie gets to tour with this album I hope she opens with Your Disco Needs You (Casino mix)... Followed by Wow. Of course, Say Something will close the show. Do you agree, @Doodvid ?
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  3. It’s totally fine if you don’t like it but the song is very instant, just one play and it gets stuck in your head.
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  4. I don't remember how the verses sound at all after the one time I listened to it.
    I think I'll give it a second chance even though the aversion is impulsive.
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  5. Late to the party, but I think the video suits the song perfectly! I absolutely adore both songs, but Magic has the edge for me, as does the video. The video gives me In Your Eyes, Spinning Around and Wow music video vibes
  6. Making the instrumental this close -I mean it's almost identical- to Chained To The Rhythm was a mistake. I can't recall the chorus and Katy's song pops up in my head everytime instead.
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  7. Yeah...watched and listened again. This is too normal/plain/flat to evoke a positive response. Maybe if the verses did not feel so subdued compared to the rest (mainly in terms of delivery, but it's not like there's anything special about the production throughout the track whatsoever) it would be marginally better, and the video remains ruined by post-production but not to the extent that the video for Say Something was.

    Say Something, the song, is leagues ahead though.
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  8. This might be my favourite Kylie single in a while.

  9. I LOVE both singles and i'm really excited for this album. The only thing that makes me sad, it's because i don't know if or when I will be able to dance and scream these songs with her in a concert.
  10. Magic is a major earworm for me.

    The bit in the ITV interview saying the album won't be going on tour broke my heart. I haven't seen Kylie on stage since the Golden tour two years ago.
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  11. The next tour needs to start with this.

    A glorious pulsing extended mix that builds and builds til the flames erupt and Kylie appears. Or have it as the fake ending when Kylie literally burns her disco down.

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  12. I truly hope that we get another special edition artwork now after seeing that photo used on Amazon Music. Too good not be used.
  13. The “do you believe in magic? do you? do you? do you?” part kills the song for me. Till that point the song is, even tho nothing earthshattering, fine but when it comes to that part I instantly want to turn it off
  14. SBK


    If she doesn't give Disco Down the extended tour mix it deserves, I'll be asking for my money back.
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  15. I feel so weird because I'm living for both tracks, woke up with magic in my head this morning.
  16. HMD


    Same here. #JusticeForDiscoDown
    It has always been in my Light Years top 3.
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  17. Magic is a lot better than Say Something in my opinion... and Say Something was already very good in my opinion.
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  18. Using that almost identical steel drum (?) sounding sample was a mistake.
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  19. I really do think Disco is going to be one of my favourite Kylie albums following these two superb singles.
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  20. SBK


    Say something was much more instant. But i think I prefer Magic too. I could listen to the chorus all day. And I did yesterday pretty much...
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