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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Yep that's her in the hot pink jumpsuit. I'll take an hour of these women just stanning the hell out of one another.
  2. SBK


    Yeah, I think some are taking it too literally and writing off anything that doesn't sound like a Donna Summer 1977 cast off.
  3. I hope her appearing on Table Manners leads to the collab Jessie was talking about coming good. We need that in our lives.
  4. Oh damn, now I see everyone was already talking about it, I should have checked further.
  5. I still can't get enough of that ITV news interview, it was so refreshing and ace hearing her enthusiasm to make new music following last year's celebrations. Love her passion for it so much.
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  6. There is so much amazing variety in disco out there, and I think if your definition of disco is limited to the same 15 tracks that always appear on Tesco mum D.I.S.C.O. compilation CDs then I'm afraid you are limiting yourself somewhat. It's perfectly possible that every single track on this new album could be influenced by a different type of disco music and there would still be some branches of the genre unreferenced.
  7. No one should have to "defend" why they like Magic and Say Something. And to dismiss it as people defending their "faves to their dying breath"? People have different tastes and that's fine.

    I personally find it odd that people join a discussion to announce that they're not interested in the new stuff. I'm a Madonna fan and the idea of a lifetime movie on her makes me want to vomit. But rather than me jump on that discussion and announce that, I'm just not joining in on that chat.

    If you don't like the era and nothing is registering with you then its fine. There's a Kylie general discussion forum. I just think it contributes nothing to a fan chat to announce 'I don't like anything'.

    What collaboration with Kylie did Jessie talk about?
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  8. I've come round to Magic

    It's definitely a grower not a shower
  9. She was considering asking her to guest on a track from What’s Your Pleasure during the making of the album, and said that even after its release she was still considering it.
  10. It's true I don't like anything released specifically from the Disco album so far and I have expressed reasons why as best I can, it is as valid an opinion as saying 'I like everything' on a discussion thread for this forthcoming album. I might well love the rest of the album, here's to hoping.
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  11. How
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  12. For those who like 80s-style remixes.

  13. ...but when the world needed Initial Talk most, he vanished.
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  14. Does anybody want an Initial Talk?


  15. Exactly. Stream Silence instead!
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  16. Back when the production and mixing were on point </3

    Joking. Unless...
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  17. I was stanning Initial Talk in the Future Nostalgia thread just before Club... came out

    Has my questionable taste (I love Tears On My Pillow) gone wrong again?
  18. The Initial Talk remix of New Rules actually kinda slaps if you're drunk enough. The Dancing one on the other hand... Maybe I just can't listen to it because it gives me some sort of PWL PTSD.
  19. Magic is very DISCO in my opinion.
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  20. I would say Light Years is a better example of a modern "disco" album.

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