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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I love the nerve of her doing a reference this niche without providing any context whatsoever.
  2. Biff reposted her lyric post on IG, so I guess they are from I Love It.
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  3. So she’s basically releasing the third and last song done before quarantine, with Biff, ie we’re still not hearing any of the Sky material that makes up the rest of the album. Odd.
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  4. Sketchy...
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  5. In life as in art, Dazzler should be an inspiration to all


  6. If he produced the tracks he co-wrote, which I'm assuming he did, then he has ten tracks in total on Disco. I was hoping for a little more variety in producers this go around. I believe Sky produced eight of the Golden tracks. Some were good and others not so much.
  7. Is Mark Picchiotti still producing 1 or 2 songs?
  8. I don’t believe so.
  9. Someone said that they DM'd Mark and he said that he had at least one track on Disco. Perhaps he produced "Unstoppable"—despite producing "Butterfly," he didn't have writing credits on the track, so maybe this is a similar situation. Or maybe I'm overthinking things and "Unstoppable" is a Troy Miller production.
  10. He never outright said he had anything on the album, so I think he was just riding the wave of attention since the Kylie fans were all over his profile.

    One of the two tracks he was teasing as possibly being her has just been released independently by him.
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  11. I love all the imagery thus far and even though I don't like the album cover image as much as everything else, it is the most striking.

    I'm still gutted there is no "super deluxe" this time.
  12. I've been struggling to keep up, but how many versions of the actual album cover exist now: white text, dark blue text, light blue text. Any more?
  13. I’m sure they have more up their sleeves in the coming weeks...
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  14. I still really rate 'Magic', and don't really get why it was so divisive.
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  15. I don’t rate Magic to be honest but I love Say Something, I’m really excited for the rest of the album.
  16. I am thinking the same thing too, and hope so as well. Would be mad not to put all this great imagery to good use.
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  17. Another pic from the Crack Magazine shoot:
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  18. Standard is only £6.99 and deluxe £8.99 on iTunes. Seems very cheap and I wonder if price has been reduced due to poor sales?
  19. Because it's not 'Skirt', until it is, some fans will never be happy.
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  20. SBK


    I'm sure they'll find use for some of it.......
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