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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I don't get the hate for Magic from Kylie fans because it is a Kylie song through and through. I'd imagine those hating Magic must also dislike a huge chunk of Kylie's back catalogue.

    It was no.1 on presales before the discount so don't think its because of poor sales but wanting to stand out in a competitive market.
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  2. You know something? Are they finally using different imagery for the merch?!!!!!!
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  3. I understand your point, but as somebody who loves Kylie’s back catalogue, from the early PWL days through to Parlephone’s Fever and beyond, something about both Say Something and Magic (even more) just hasn’t connected in anyway shape or form and that’s both a shame and a worry.

    Upon announcing the Disco album, I was beyond excited, but neither efforts have filled me with anticipation rather they are slightly lacklustre in what I was expecting. There doesn’t seem to be, for me, the headinistic Disco escapism, or full blown dynamism involved, more a ‘this will do’ approach, Magic especially. For me, I was hoping for a Donna Sunmer, I Feel Love vibe or Chic.

    However the album may still surprise me and throw a couple of tracks that I can add to a playlist or so.
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  4. I can see why people are thrown by the 2 singles. Neither of them scream DISCO, they more slightly suggest it in a coy manner. Which, coming from an album called Disco isn't really a strong selling point.
    On the other hand, her team maybe wanted to find some more "Kylie" songs to bridge the gap to the more experimental tracks on the album. I hop so anyway. Much as I enjoy Say Something and adore Magic I don't want 14 more songs sounding too similar to them.
  5. That's on you, not Kylie.
  6. I’m think both of the singles fulfil the template of “galactic disco” which she’s referred to a few times, so I’ve never really understood the narrative that somehow she’s misleading people with the Disco title. I’m sure there will be nods to 70s disco from the likes of Chic, Donna Summer etc on the album, but I’m quite glad that it’s clear we’re not getting 16 “100 Degree” type disco pastiches on the album which was a concern when I first saw the title.
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  7. I get people are weary of Sky Adams after Golden but his straight up pop productions have been good without the fiddles and banjos thrown in for the sake of it just to fit the narrative the last go around. Golden was still pop but you get the jist and he has said as much when interviewed.
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  8. We've already had our I Feel Love moment with Kylie a number of times already. With Say Something you can certainly hear the Moroder-guitar influence. And as for Chic, I hear Good Times when I hear Magic.

    We all have our preferences. Me personally I like what I've heard. I love Say Something and I like Magic. But I know there'll be deeper cuts in the album that I'll probably connect with more.

    But are people weary of Sky Adams? We actually haven't heard any of his songs on Disco.
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  9. I don't go on Say Hey but I'll put my money on new formats.
  10. I don’t really think there’s anything to worry about. Jessie Ware has spoken about the french touch and the Donna Summer influences (neither a sound we’ve heard from this album yet), and the journalists so far have been glowing in their reviews of the breadth of the disco sound.

    Also, Sky Adams is much more talented and versatile than given credit - the shifting goalposts with the country twist was unfair against him.
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  11. She sounds asleep on Magic (and doesn't look all that lively in the video either which has worked against the song for me). The lyrics don't impress me as much as Say Something which is just as simple but manages to have an epic feel and evoke striking imagery. At the same time the lyrics on Magic are too wordy and general to be as instant and infectious as something like Wow or any of the more 'plastic pop' hits she's had before. Speaking of Wow, it was at least paired with incredibly ambitious production - rich, loud, layered, uplifting and ultimately more instantly recognizable, memorable and genuinely fun than Magic which sounds like a faceless, stock instrumental. I don't think we've heard a Kylie song with more generic production (relative to where her songs were released on the timeline of her career) than Magic.

    As for Sky Adams, my issue was never his interpretation/application of the country flavor. Every Little Part of Me, Live a Little and Lifetime could not be more different in terms of production from each other, and yet they remain Dancing clones. If it turns out he hasn't once again delivered songs that you can sing one over the production of the other and that use the same riffs and melodies, then he wins, we win, everybody wins. I'd just rather she hadn't worked with him altogether so that we didn't have to risk it.
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  12. I've heard it's something to do with performance
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  13. I don’t disagree with most of this, but the accusations levelled at Magic are pretty much identical to those levelled at Wow at the time. Wow sounds like Kylie on auto-pilot, a faceless reproduction of some of her bigger songs. I’d say the production on Love at First Sight (obviously the blueprint for Wow) puts Wow into the shade, and that was 7 years before.

    I also think that quite a few people are waiting for the huge banger, the Get Outta My Way, the One, the I Believe in You. Say Something and Magic, despite being great, don’t really deliver that seratonin rush that some of the biggest Kylie songs do.
  14. Possibly, maybe so.

    Nothing on me at all, but more on her. However, when you wish to package something so blatant as Disco, then you can expect to have some division between the camp of it doesn’t fully fulfil expectations.

    I’m here to share my opinion, and I am glad so many have fallen in love with the track. Have I bought the singles, yes. Will I buy the album, yes. Am I allowed to be disappointed, yes. But as previously stated, I’ll wait to pass full judgement until the entirety of the album is out there.
  15. They are, and I was probably doing that at the time in the sense that it definitely sounded like a caricature-esque take on her sound/style, however I always recognized merit to its production unlike most people... I thought it was a brilliant update of Kylie's sound, like a production written 100 years in the future for her to sing in the 80s. I never saw the Love at First Sight connection either apart from the general "it's a Kylie song".

  16. Another Kylie Brazil interview uploaded. Nothing new but always a delight to hear her.
  17. You are not obliged to like the track but your expectations of how you want her 'Disco' album to sound, are yours. Disco was around for many years and has more than one form.
    It sounds like this album will be more varied in that style, rather than sticking to a stereotype. Pretty much what she did with 'Golden' and that 'country pop' sound. It has a style but is varied in it's content.
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  18. That is gorgeous
  19. "Magic" gives me Portfolio Grace Jones, and nobody would call that not disco... I think people need to come to terms with their insistence disco is one thing and let it go.
  20. I’m a casual Kylie fan at best and was sleeping through the ‘Golden’ era but ‘Say Something’ has creeped in to be one of my favourite songs of 2020 so far.

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