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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Magic is perfectly, 100% soul disco, gays with knowledge of the three disco songs off X-Factor disco specials need to expand their homorizons. Also Magic is comfortably inside Kylie's best singles ever, I'd even say Top 30 - it's fantastic.

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  2. Yeah I think it’s probably the livestream special. Apparently certain fans have already been offered the chance at the limited tickets.
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  3. Could the 'problem' be that as we can't go bars and clubs and have a dance we can't experience them as her other songs. Magic would sound fabulous in a Club with tons of gays bopping for life. It's kind of the equivalent of releasing a big ballad in summer instead of a summery bop. But that's our issue. I want to get up and dance every time I hear Magic. It gives me hope that we will do again at some point. That's all we can hope for at the moment.
  4. Yup. "I Feel Love" is amazing and all, but there are literally dozens of songs mining that song for influence.
  5. Magic is a cute girl.
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  6. Good taste you have.
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  7. Ok, I am going to move on and continue focus on the thread.
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  8. Another good review from a Radio 2 producer:
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  9. Also: so many times lately I have heard songs on Spotify prior to an album release and not been wowed yet get the album and all of a sudden it comes to life.
  10. Perk of the job to hear the music first I can imagine. Glad to hear another great review too.
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  11. Adele just tweeted

    Oct 24
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  12. I love Say Something but I just know that within the context of the album it will feel like a moment.
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  13. Well.... it’s over
  14. She won’t release the album now.
  15. [​IMG]
    EDIT: @YourOwnThing dddd
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  16. Even if she is releasing, it will be the single, not the album. Everybody calm down.
  17. Well... it may not be over.
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  18. Adele's album will retroactively render all previous 2020 release stats irrelevant.
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  19. Decided I am going to come for Sophie's gig.

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  20. She’s just hosting SNL... H.E.R are performing ...stand down everyone haha
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