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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Those signed Golden cassettes are going for huge amounts on eBay, I guess because she so rarely does signings.
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  2. My first thing I've ever managed to get something signed of Kylie and this is a moment.
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  3. Yes, I know, but I want the bundle that I bought I don't want to cancel it to buy a signed copy of the cd.
    What I'm saying is that it would have been better to have limited signed copies 2 months ago and then add again some more signed copies now.

    I've never complaint once and as I said at the beginning of my reply "I don't want to spread negativity" but still I don't think it's fair to those, like me, who bought the album on day 0 to add signed copies just now.
  4. HMV sold out too now, just Amazon has them left.

    1000 sales (plus Amazon ones) on a Tuesday morning, not bad!
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  5. Can anyone provide a link to Amazon?
  6. Dammit. Sold out.

    EDIT: Wait, it’s still on Amazon. DISCO (Signed CD)
  7. I've not really got any interest in signed items, even if it is by a musical legend. But the fact that she is a musical legend and therefore the amount of signed copies will probably be somewhat limited means I've just pre-ordered this in anticipation of being able to sell it on for a cute profit.

    Stream I Love it on your platform of choice!
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  8. Why don’t you think of it as ‘if they’d added a signed cd it would’ve probably been another tenner on top of the bundle price’ and then it won’t matter
  9. Amazon Link
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  10. The whole point of doing it so late is surely to maximise sales.

    People will buy the bundle and the signed set.

    I'm not saying its a good practice but I assume that's why its done this way.
  11. It’s still available on Amazon?
  12. Thank you! Ordered!
  13. I've lost count!

    Got one from Amazon, at least one of my copies will count to the UK chart, they won't ship it to NZ so I'm getting it sent to my mums!
  14. HMV added another 100 for the Bezos Haters x gone
  15. Ordered mine, I'm shook! Is it normal for signed records to be so cheap??
  16. Yeah it was removed from my HMV basket but I got one on Amazon. This year has me doing nothing but buying physical copies again. I'll keep this safe to sell in the future maybe.
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  17. mpl


    Amazon have increased the price in the last hour by a quid to £10.99 since I ordered mine as soon as she posted.
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  18. Yes especially on Amazon.
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