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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Some people will be mad about this post, but that's what it pretty much comes down to.
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  2. Worldwide iTunes Song Chart
    16. (new) Kylie Minogue - Say Something

    European iTunes Song Chart
    8. (new) Kylie Minogue - Say Something
  3. Isn't the also doing The View on Nov 6?
  4. She's on The Project next week in NZ, not sure which day yet though.
  5. She is??
  6. Disagree. I remember when Kylie was diagnosed with breast cancer and the first 7 pages of the local paper were entirely about it.
  7. We shouldn’t be comparing apples with oranges here. They both deserve a place in musical history in their own right.
  8. Can we lock this thread until release date, @mods?
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  9. I really don’t think that’s necessary? There are 2 people, with 20 posts between them, agitating for a Kylie vs Beyoncé fight. Just thread ban them and let’s get on with talking about Disco, I mean it’s likely to leak in the next few days anyway.
  10. W2K



    I’m so excited to hear the rest of the album. Say Something is fast becoming one of my favourite Kylie songs, and I Love It is a cute disco bop. I still feel like this album will have a lot more to give than the 3 songs released have shown us though.
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  11. I’m ready for more reviews
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  12. What is this INSANITY.

    Madonna: "Congratulations bitches. Everyone clap your bastard hands it's time for a medley"

    - just spat out my camomile tea.
  13. This era to my mind is already giving us an embarrassment of riches.
    Say Something video
    Say Something acoustic
    Pretty much every photo released
    Apple Music Sessions
    As cohesive as Golden and running circles around Kiss Me Once
  14. Is there a website that collects her photoshoots? Would love to browse through every pic this era so far.
  15. I spent £23 on the Say Something 7" from eBay. I'm sad and gay.
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  16. But you have impeccable taste!
  17. Isn't that an oxymoron?
  18. Not if you're an E.M. Forster novel
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  19. A gallery here and this Flickr page is brilliant.
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  20. Who isn't.
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