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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. I'm in America so I understand that feeling all too well.
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  2. I’m weak.... I listened to the standard edition as a leak. (Of course I’m a good fan and have bought multi formats - due to arrive Friday)..... maybe my mood and I just listened to snippets but I’m a little underwhelmed. Gonna get my AirPods in later and listen loud. I’m sure come Friday I’ll be happy and Saturday will cement my love for DISCO.
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  3. Yeah it blows my mind they had Dance Floor Darling and didn't release it to start the campaign with a bang. Or at least in Magic's place. I love Say Something and Magic (in fact I gave both of them 10s for a Kylie Eurovision type thingie I'm taking part in) but it'd have saved us all the 'bUt nOt DiScO' comments and would have started the campaign with a disco explosion.

    Also the song is not only disco, it's the Kylie bop people have been craving since Golden and it's 100% the new Love At First Sight without being a rehash.

    I'd have cut the sped up bit though and saved that for the album version.

    Obsessed with Unstoppable too now.
  4. Its my stand out favourite - and probably the least "disco"
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  5. Thank you! I'm actually having a lovely day, had loads of messages off friends and calls so it hasn't been downbeat. I'm playing a mega playlist of all my favourite songs over the last 50 years and it's proper boss!
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  6. It's definitely a grower to these ears. The most immediate for me was Mary Mary (aka Celebrate You).
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  7. Listening for the first time right now and I already wish to never hear Monday Blues again.
  8. I have to say I felt pretty faithless the past few weeks. Magic & I Love It were both competent but thoroughly uninteresting & horrible choices for pre-release. I'm only up to Supernova and literally every new song would've been more a more exciting showcase of the album.

    I worry Step Back In Time made her team think all she needs to be is releasing competent bops to justify touring her old hits once again - when in reality she is more than capable of creating fresh & exciting music.
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  9. Well, Monday Blues immediately jumped out as a highlight to me. Guess I'm going to be in the minority when it comes to this already divisive bop.

    Five tracks in, while knowing the excellent Say Something is next, and I'm already more invested into this album than I was with Golden and Kiss Me Once.

    I'm also going to echo some thoughts above, imagine releasing Magic when Miss A Thing and Supernova were right there...
  10. The most instant for me so far. Is Where Does The DJ Go. Havent seen many pick that as a standout tho.
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  11. W2K


    Her best work since Aphrodite for me.
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  13. Well they really threw in the kitchen sink and the cowbells with Monday Blue's production. Miss A Thing, Real Groove, Dancefloor Darling, Unstoppable, and the singles are all standouts for me.

    I do wish Dancefloor Darling went on a minute longer. It's one of the standout Sky tracks.
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  14. I’m dying to hear Monday Blues now.
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  15. Do we have the credits for all standard edition songs already? Which ones are the Sky Adams tracks? I'm trying to... see something.
  16. This is... very good? Magic and I Love It are definitely the weakest tracks on it. It's very refreshing that there are interesting production choices in Monday Blues and Where Does the DJ Go?.
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    Writing credits are there, I would assume Skye produced the ones he co-write.
  18. Sky did
    Monday Blues, Supernova, Last Chance, Where Does The DJ Go, Dancefloor Darling, Celebrate You
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  19. I can’t understand not loving Monday Blues or why people find a problem with it. The production is very good and it’s catchy.
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