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Kylie Minogue - Disco

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 23, 2019.

  1. Kylie’s a guest on Sunday Brunch next week.
  2. She’s a guest on next week’s Sunday Brunch on Channel 4.
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  3. Ha! Just beat me to it!
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  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question but does anyone know if the dark blue HMV vinyl is online only or is it available in store?
  5. It should be available in stores in a limited quantity but England is currently under lockdown so English stores are closed.
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  7. Thank you! I’m in Scotland so they’re still open here, will have a look.
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  8. I think I a bigger Kylie fan than ever this era. Both her and the music are just a joy.
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  9. I was wondering how the signed booklets could have gone so fast each time, then ventured onto eBay and saw people selling 10–20 copies at double the price in multiple listings. Hopefully she does one more batch, so I can actually catch one.
  10. I always keep on missing out too!
  11. At the rate they’ve been selling out I would assume she’d be putting more up this week. I’m expecting cassettes to pop up too like they did for Golden week. BMG seem hungry for that #1.
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  12. I’m just so happy for her, this huge commercial resurgence is so fantastic to watch, especially for a female popstar in their 50’s. It’s a masterclass in how to transition into the new era of streaming and modern music consumption without falling entirely into legacy artist status. I mean, I appreciate she’s not getting the streaming of younger rivals but the figures are not bad at all for an artist of her longevity.

    BMG and her seem to be a perfect match. Has anyone else really done that? Madonna? Take That? Cher? A genuine question.
  13. I’m surprised to find that the songs which have stuck in my head from last night are Dance Floor Darling and Last Dance.

    The performance of Supernova is already starting to fade from my memory. I wish I could see it again. But I guess that’s part of the concert-like experience.
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  14. Finally getting around to playing this! Really loving it!
    Monday Blues is the only bad song for me, maybe Fine Wine too.... Both are listenable though.

    Have the store bundles dispatched for anyone yet? Mine hasn't yet sadly.
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  15. I'm more of a casual Kylie fan but I'm delighted to see the success she's having with this, this long into her career. She really deserves it.
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  16. It'd be such a cherry on top if both singles made Top 40!
  17. Everything I’ve ordered from her store is now shipped, although I didn’t get emails saying so. Go into your orders on your account and see if they say ‘Complete’.
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  18. I’ve ordered another copy, I want her to get that #1 so bad.
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